The Tools of Full Spirit

By Daniel • October 24th, 2007

Pillars, Programs, and Series:

 Did you ever have a book which you could just open to a page, and it seemed like the right page for you?  I wanted Full Spirit to have that effect, that feeling of being able to open up to any page and find the right page for you on any given day.

This idea created many challenges, with so many articles, exercises, worksheets, self assessment surveys, and audio programs, the one you need could get buried under an avalanche of information, that’s where: Pillars, Programs, and Series come to the rescue.

There are Five main Pillars in the Life at Your Best System (and many smaller pillars as well).  Each pillars is simple and easy to learn, yet can take a lifetime to master.  All the Pillars support different aspects of a full life.  At the left of the screen you’ll see the Pillar menus, by selecting the pillar which currently interests, or calls to you, you’ll be taken into section with articles surrounding and supporting that pillar.

Programs and Courses:

 Programs at Full Spirit move step by step, with daily lessons and exercises.  Programs can be downloaded and printed out with a workbook, and audio so you can move at your own speed.  The main distinction between our programs and courses is their duration, a Full Spirit Course is very specific and lasts 30 - 90 days, while a Program covers a broader area of information and lasts from 90 days up to One year.  For more information on courses and programs click here…


 Many of the articles here at Full Spirit are prepared in series. In a broad overview, everything here can be viewed sequentially, a massive series composed of smaller distinct series.  At the begining and end of each article, you’ll find a set of links which will take you forward and backward in series called, “Location in Series” links. 

Jump Stations:

 At various locations around our pages you’ll find the visual jump stations.  In order to help you find the pages that are in tune with your needs, I’ve created key graphics which energetically summarize the content of a given article.  When scanning over the visual jump station, you’ll find yourself called to different images more than others, just click on the images that beckon you most, and you’ll be immediately jumped to the information in tune with you current needs.


 Discussing these ideas, concepts, and whatever else can be a valuable tool on your journey.  To help like minded people support one another, and create a loop of growing positivity we’ve built the Full Spirit forum section and encourage you to join in the ongoing discussions. Note: As of October 20, 2007, I am temporarily closing the forum for a redesign, it will reopen in a few months.


Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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