The Elevated 8

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

Under Development for the week of:

Nov. 12-18

This week I’m adding a new feature section where I talk about what’s coming next week!  As you may or may not know, I live out in the woods with my beloved, in a tiny little cabin with a phenomenal view.

I set my life up like that very deliberately.  I feel like whatever the art form, the studio in which it was created is always seen in the final product.  It’s pretty serene in our little cottage, no cars, no sirens, just the sound of the birds and the crickets to keep me company while I work on these Full Spirit articles and programs.  It’s a pretty good life as far as I’m concerned.

But, it has a few small drawbacks, largest of which is the fact we have no phone and no internet access.  Now, this wouldn’t be a much of a drawback at all, if I was still just working on the book.  As if taking the book, course and materials online with Full Spirit is online wasn’t enough of a challenge, add to it the fact that we have no internet, and, well, you can see the problems begin to stack up pretty quick.

No One Trick Pony:

Full Spirit isn’t a one trick pony either!  With videos, podcasts, and of course the daunting graphic intensity of the articles and site itself, you would be amazed at the hurdles I am jumping over on a daily basis to make this happen.  Now, I’ve changed the look and feel of the site to reflect this a bit by redesigning it to support weekly updates instead of ‘post-as-you-go’ updating.  This works out really well for me because I like to beat the articles up over and over before they go public.

It also means I get to chunk things out in week long increments.  This new section - “The Developer’s Blog” will give you a look at what’s in store for the coming week, as well as what other developments are occurring and upcoming as we go along.  It is both a, “Coming Soon Section” as well as a “Behind the Scenes Look”. 

Coming Next Week:

Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on the Quick Start 7 final article series called: “The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul.”  Of everything I’ve put up so far, it is shaking out to be the most intense article to date.  It is 5 posts long and packed end to end with history, science, and the Shamanic Arts of Soul Healing.  Don’t miss next Monday’s update!

In addition to that, the Quick Start 7 is getting an introduction, and summary added.  You can also expect both of those next week.  Plus, and here is the big plus - The entire 75 page Quick Start 7 will be available as a print ready .pdf!  Within two weeks you’ll be ready to enjoy the whole series as a free ebook in hardcopy!  That’s the big one I’ve been looking forward to.

After that the whole series will be released on Podcasts, with full audio versions available before the New Year.  Then, here’s a little surprise for those of you reading the Developer’s Corner - Video!  Yes, a video of the Quick Start 7 rapidly forthcoming.

But, wait, there’s more!  With the Quick Start 7 wrapping up, it frees me to complete the next series in the series called - “The Elevated 8.”  The Elevated 8 picks up right where the Quick Start leaves off and begins to take the reader into the first exercises put for putting the tools to use.  Most of it is already written and now I’m super excited to start doing the graphics.

Whew!  I’ve got a lot on my plate!  So keep those comments and emails coming to keep me Uplifted and Inspired!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the donations thingy will also be added next week, so if you’ve been dieing to support Full Spirit fiscally, you’ll be able to donate through any major credit card starting next week or the week after.  The whole thing is built, I just need to finish the graphics for the interface and make it pretty!

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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