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By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

Science and Spirit Unite: (part 1)

About a thousand years ago there was a split between the world of Spirit, and the world of science.  The world of science became focused on the seen, the measurable, the testable, the verifiable, the world of proof.  The world of spirit became the domain of religion, churches, and cults and was relegated to the realm of faith, the unprovable, immeasurable, mystical world of belief without proof.  This created a scenario where religions called for “Faith” and science called for “Proof”.  The modern emergence of the Quantum Paradigm reunites Science with Spirit, by proving that the observer influences the observed!  Quantum physicists have proven conclusively that even elementary particles behave differently while being observed.  This goes so far as to imply that our beliefs and observations actually affect reality at the fundamental levels!

During the period of the great divide between these two fields, religions insisted that faith cannot be measured scientifically, and the sciences insisted that what cannot be measured cannot be believed.  The whole world split into two camps; on one side there were those insisting that faith was highest, on the other side were those insisting that proof was highest.  Not until recently have these two schools of thought put their differences aside and joined together into a common voice.

What is Science?  

The Scientific method is pretty straightforward, in essence, to be accepted as Scientific something must be repeatable and verifiable by independent groups of scientists.  These scientists therefore become very good at restricting and constraining things, removing outside influences and distilling experiments down to the absolute minimum number of elements possible. 

The Scientific Community works this way, “A theory or principle is only as good as its ability to correctly predict outcomes.”  The Quantum Paradigm has many unique things about it that have made it hard to accept, but Quantum Physics is so good at accurately predicting things, it has forced the world’s scientific community to make it the current dominant model.

What is Spirit?

Now we’re going to get to the heart of things, what is Spirit?  Defining Spirit takes a little more effort than defining Science.  So I’m going to use one of my favorite examples, a good friend who was a cheerleader and attended many camps and conferences for cheerleading.  One element at all these camps was the ‘Spirit Stick’.  A Spirit Stick is nothing more than a decorated stick.  It is awarded to the cheerleader shows the most and best Spirit during the camp. 

I asked how they judged who had the most Spirit.  She told me, “Spirit is Vitality.  It’s Enthusiasm.  It’s kindness, friendliness, and good sportsmanship,” she said, “A cheerleader’s job is to uplift the spirit of the team they are cheering for by uplifting the Spirit of the crowd so that the crowd motivates the team.  Having allot of Spirit means you’re always willing to give a little extra, it’s about enthusiasm, sharing it, building it, turning it into victory!”

 I liked that.  I never had thought of Cheerleaders as self improvement coaches, but that’s exactly what they do.  They learn about Spirit, fill their Spirits until they overflow into everyone around them. 

Spirit turns into Success

We’ve all seen a person or team so motivated and enthusiastic they outperform a team or person with greater skill.  Superior teams get defeated by lesser teams on the basis of Spirit alone everyday.  There is no limit to what a person or team can accomplish when their Spirit is full of enthusiasm and confidenceWe’ve all seen it over and over a thousand times. 

Full Spirit was created to understand this on a scientific level and share those core understanding with people all over the world.  The cheerleaders understand how to use Spirit, how to cultivate it, and how to build it, but we wanted a way to understand the true nature of it, we wanted scientific proof.  We wanted to understand specifically how a persons dreams and desires can be turned into realities.

We wanted to be able to answer the question: “How much Spirit would a particular team need to defeat another team of greater skill?”  Obviously, they greater the skill difference, the more Spirit they’d need.”  If you can understand that, then you’ve got it!  We convert Spirit into our wishes…  Spirit is the currency of dreams, the bigger the dream, the more Spirit it takes to create it.

In the other sections you’re going to be given practical, proven techniques for cultivating and building Spirit.  You’re going to learn how to remove old blockages, combine your Spirit with others, Clarify, Unify and Amplify your Intentions, manifest your dreams on every level in every aspect of your life.  Everything you’ve every hoped or wished for is within reach, but you’ll need the Currency of Dreams to GET it, that currency is Spirit, and the best part: It’s totally free!

In the next section we’re going to be looking at what exactly it means that Science and Spirit are Uniting…

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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