QS7 - Introduction to the Quick Start 7

By Daniel • November 26th, 2007

The Quick Start 7 Introduction:

“Building Your Toolkit” 

Tools for Building Dreams:

 It all starts with a dream, a dream of your life as you’d like it to be.  It’s a vision that you will turn into a plan, a plan you will turn into a reality.  From here to there is a journey, a journey which will marked by challenges, victories, and if you set your standards high enough, also will be marked mistakes.

This is the Quick Start 7, wherein you will be given seven tools with which to build the life of your dreams, seven tools to accelerate you down the path of experiencing life at your best.  In the next section, The Elevated 8, we will be making applying these tools, for now, we simply want to fill your toolbox with everything you will need to build anything you have ever dreamt of.

Uncovering your Dream:

No matter where you are on the journey of life, we each hold a dream of what we would change if we could.  The tools in this tool box are about making those changes.  Let’s get clear right from the beginning, this is a journey with many destinations along the way.  The tools, your plans, your dreams are all part of this journey, but it is the journey itself where we find our experience of life at our best.

 You will arriving at many goals, fullfill many dreams, and this is a wonderful thing.  But more than that, there is the journey itself.  Arriving, accomplishing, these are delightful experiences, but nothing is so important as how we get to there.  That is what these seven tools are all about, getting you to where you want to be, helping you to build the life of your dreams, and making the experience of building it as good in the present moment as it will be when you accomplish the goals and dreams themselves.

Learning to Fall: For Beginners

 I want to start out with an example, a long time ago I was a Power Skating coach.  I taught hockey players and figure skaters the subtleties of the art of skating.  I worked with accomplished athletes, and I also worked with total beginners, people who had been skating competitively for years, and people who could not even stand up on saktes.  

 The first lesson was always the same no matter the skill level:  HOW TO FALL DOWN and GET BACK UP GRACEFULLY.  This is an important idea, so I’m going to ask you to visualize these three groups of skaters:  The Athletic and Tough Hockey Players, The Elite and Dedicated Figure Skaters, and the Never even put on skates before beginners. 

 The beginners, many of them were so afraid of falling, that they could not even focus on skating, they became stiff, locked in their fear of failure.  I had them sit on the ice, literally, just sit there, we talked about why they wanted to learn to skate, how they heard about my class, who they were, whatever they wanted to talk about until they got bored and cold.  I’m would wait until someone finally said, “When are we going to stand up?  My butt is freezing!” 

At that moment, when they wanted to be standing up on that ice ten times more then their fear of falling, that was the moment to begin. I would have them stand, then sit back down, then stand again, then sit back down, over and over for as long as it took to shake the fear of falling down out of them.

  It didn’t take long either, cold ice is an exceptional motivator!  After just ten minutes of getting up and down, they were ready to skate!  They had lost their fear of falling, they had to learn to get up and down gracefully.  Now that they had let go of fear they were ready to glide across that ice, fearless, they were ready to soar! 

Competitive Falling:

 Have you ever seen a cat stumble or have a missed step?  Did you notices how embarrassed and angry they look?  Everyone hates to fall.  Everyone hates to stumble.  Everyone hates rejection.  Let’s look at the same exercise with advanced athletes.   Figures skaters hate to fall, they don’t normally practicing sliding around on the ice, they hate falling even more than cats do!  Hockey players don’t really care, in fact, they think falling is funny.  As a coach, they expect me to help them find their limits, they expect me to help them push those limits until they break through to the other side. 

So let’s remove the fear of falling, let’s make falling a competition! We need to get over the fear of failing immediately!  So, we need to learn to fall safely.  We need to get past the embarrassment of stumbling immediately,  So let’s see who can fall the best.  Who can fall the fastest?  Who can slide the furthest?  Who can slide perfectly to the edge of the group?   Who can fall the most gracefully? Who can control thier fall the best?  Athletes, just like career people, don’t need to be encouraged to compete, they will create a competition all by themselves. Everyone wants to do well in life, everyone naturally strives to their best, so let’s see who can fall the best, whatever that even means!  When falling became a game, everyone starting loving it, having fun, smiling and laughing!

Learning to Get Back Up!

 Let’s go further!  After a few tries these skaters have learned to bounce off the ice and back to their feet when they fall!  Falling becomes easy, natural, effortless.  Now, they’ve lost the fear of falling, so they can truly begin to soar!  They don’t feel embarrassed anymore because they understand that if we challenge ourselves and we push our limits we will all fall from time to time.  They understand now that how we take those stumbles is more important than never stumbling.  They know that getting back up is easy, they know that getting back up is much easier then giving up!  They’ve learned the most important lesson in the Power Skating Course, they’ve overcome the fear of failure, now they’re ready to challenge themselves!  Now they’re ready to push their limits.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to push your limits?  Are you ready to face your truth in the present moment?  Are you ready to challenge yourself, to ask more from yourself then ever before?  Are you ready to stumble gracefully?

This isn’t a get-rich-quick-with-no-effort guide.  This is the real deal.  If you’re going to achieve the life of your dreams, you will abandon your fear of success, and turn the occasional missteps into a dance.  Will you let go of what others might think?  Can you forsake the fear of rejection? 

Are you really ready to meet yourself at your best?  To live at your best?  To fulfill your dreams?  Are you ready to claim the health, wealth, and relationship you always wanted?  Are you ready to begin experiencing life at your best?

If you’re ready, I want to give you the tools to create your life as a living dream, I want to give you the tools which will speed you down the path towards experiencing life at your best. 

Let’s waste no time with who I am or where the tools came from, a good hammer is clearly good without knowing where it came from, so let’s get to the hammers and let their quality speak for themselves!  The Quick Start Seven:  First Tool - A Unified Perspective “Science and Spirit Unite”…

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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