QS7 8.3 - The Law of Attraction and Soul Healing

By Daniel • November 26th, 2007

The Quick Start 7 Summary:

“The Law of Attraction and Soul Healing” 

Tool Number 6 - The Law of Attraction

The sixth tool is the law behind the principles, the Law of Attraction.  We often paraphrase this law and say, “Like Attracts Like”.    The Law of Attraction governs everything in the Universe and explicitly says, “likes Align and Congeal.”  This means, that those things in the Universe which are alike will align with one another and come together.  This is the truth underlying ht workings of the world, and when you know something to be true, it is a very powerful thing.  When you know something and you abandon doubt, you create a foundation, a foundation which can be used to build upon.

Carpenters use a tool called a level, a level is a very simple tool.  It tells the carpenter exactly how much something slopes, or tilts.  If something is perfectly level, it is called “True”.  Carpenters use this tool, the level to make walls perfectly vertical, also called, “True”.  If a building is true, then the floor is level and the walls are vertical, this becomes very important if the building is going to be large, or have many layers.  This ‘level’  and the idea of ‘true’ is a very important, so important that we use it to describe people saying, “They’re on the level” meaning honest or true. 

In our tool kit, the Law of Attraction is that level.  It is true.  Likes Align and Congeal.  “What are you being like? What do you want to be like?”  Whatever you are being like you will create in the world around you.  If you act depressed, defeated, hopeless, angry – then these things will align and congeal around you. Of this there is no doubt, it is true.

In the same way a carpenter uses this tool to check the trueness of a board or house, we also may use this tool to check our level.  We know that “Likes Align and Congeal” so we check our level by asking ourselves “What we are being like…”  then we make the shift, “What do I want to be like?”  In this way, the fundamental questions ask us to take the act of actually making the shift to be the way we want to be, and the law behind it is the Law of Attraction.  The common paraphrase of this law: “Like attracts like, you will attract to yourself whatever you are being like.”

Tool Number 7 - Healing the Soul

The Last tool is Conceptual and very powerful.  The Seventh and final tool we are putting in the tool kit is the concept of Soul Healing.  Much like the GET cycle, the concept of Soul Healing is the idea of improving the condition of yourself at the very core.   

Allow me to make the distinction between the GET cycle and the concept of Soul Healing.  The GET cycle is the based in adding, growing is thought of in this case as the process of adding more to what is already there.  Soul Healing is the concept of removing any damages or blockages at the very core. 

Once again we face a subtle distinction, the two illnesses of the soul hinge around Servility and Cowardice.  Let’s look at Cowardice for a moment.  We can think of overcoming cowardice in two ways:  1. Adding Bravery.  2. Removing Fear. 

The GET Cycle and the concept of Soul Healing form perfect compliments to each other, like a nail compliments a hammer.  One without the other is only half of what is needed.  Through Growing, Empowering, and Training we add bravery, through Soul Healing, we remove fear.   

There is an entire section on Soul Healing here at Full Spirit, where we will address every challenge involved in succinct, clear steps.  For now, what we want is to merely introduce the concept as summarized in this way:  Your Soul is the source of every choice you make and every action you take.  The Condition of your soul will determine the quality of your choices and actions.  So doesn’t it make sense to get your Soul in the best condition possible?

But how?  How do we begin to apply these 7 magnificent tools?  The concepts are great, but how do we put them into practical use?  The next series, The Elevated 8, will guide you through the step by step process of applying these tools to the sculpting and building of your personal living dream.  Each article in the E8 Series includes a daily lesson and a printable exercise sheet.  Remember the Fifth Force, the Material Force of Inertia?  The Quick Start 7 was designed to get you rolling, after the next 8 one a day lessons, you’ll find yourself gathering speed and momentum  as you race towards experiencing life at your best!  Elevated 8 – 8 Practical Lessons for Experiencing life at you best…(available December 3, 2007)  

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