QS7 8.2 - Taking Action with the Five Forces

By Daniel • November 26th, 2007

The Quick Start 7 Summary:

“Taking Action with the Five Forces” 

Action, Inaction, and Distraction:

A special note on action from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “I am so busy, I have so much which needs to be done, the only hope I have to getting it all accomplished is to spend a day in meditation and prayer.”  This is the subtle power of action.  Meditation – clearing and emptying your mind, and prayer – cultivating faith and tuning into the divine force are the sublime actions.  Sometimes the action which needs to be taken is the act of emptying oneself.  This is very important:  Distraction and Non-action are two very different things.  Non-Action is the action of deliberately emptying your mind, clearing you energy field.  Distraction, taking action that does not get you closer to your goal, actually further clutters things, actively taking your further away from your goal. 

Getting your OARS in the Water is and easy thing, using it well, it an art form.  Knowing when to actively become non-active (meditate, empty oneself, clear ones mind), is so different from simply distracting yourself from your goals.  Knowing when to actively distract oneself (deliberately resting or recreating) is also a different from avoiding action.  Sometimes, you need to get away through distraction or recreation in order to take action with a fresh perspective and refreshed energy, we aren’t trying to become addicted workaholics with this tool!  As you use this tool more and more, you’ll come to your own personal artistry of creativity.

Taking the right action at the right time is a matter of maximizing your efforts and results.  Taking action in the wrong direction can be as useless as no action at all, conversely, taking action which goes with the flow of things, action which compliments the nature cycle can function in your life the same way a supercharger functions on a car.  There are Five major forces which influence all things.  Knowledge of these will have the effect of amplifying your every action your life, supercharging you towards your every desire.

Tool Number 5 - Knowledge of the Five Forces

In brief, there are five forces which, like currents in a stream, propel all actions and reactions in our lives.  The first force is called the Divine Force, it is the force which Napoleon Hill calls, “The Force of Infinite Intelligence.”  Thinking of the divine force in terms of being infinitely intelligent is an excellent way to regard it.  This force of infinite intelligence is available to us, we may tap into it at anytime and find ourselves instantly confronted with tools, resources, helpers, and opportunities we could have never foreseen without it.  The key to tapping into the Divine force of infinite intelligence is simple and already stated, “Seek to do the most good in the world possible!”

The second force, the Universal Force is simpler still, yet larger in scope, it is guided by the simple law of attraction, “Likes Align and Congeal.”  Unlike the Divine Force, the universal force has no intelligence, it simply insists that likes align and congeal. 

The third force, the Force of Personal Will, is yours and yours alone.  It is your choice what you will create and manifest into the world around us all.  In understanding and applying this force one thing overrides all other factors, “A button is not the same as a castle.”  Your personal potential is unlimited, but what you are able to actually accomplish is limited by your willingness to make the effort!  Your personal force may be weak and you will be buffeted by situation and circumstance as a cork on the waves of the ocean.  Or your personal force may be strong and you will be able to quickly and easily create your situations and circumstances.  IN the next sections we will be exploring the techniques for building this force!

The fourth force is the force of the Collective Consciousness.  It is the status quo.  It is the force which is created through the shared ideas and intentions of our larger society.  As you come to master your place within the larger whole,  you will find that the force of the collective consciousness can bolster and uplift, or constrain and imprison.   Learning how to navigate this delicate force is the process of supporting it, and being supported by it! 

Last of the five forces is the Material Force, the force of physical and energetic inertias.  This force has three components: 1. For every action there is a reaction.  2. Things at rest will tend to stay at rest unless acted on by an outside influence. 3. Things in motion will tend to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside influence.   

This Force of Inertia, the Material force applies to energetic things as well as physical.  Remember our first tool, the Unified Perspective, we want real science, and energetics, the science of energy is a real science, energy is, although elusive, as material and physical as everything else.  The Force of Inertia, the Material force applies to matters of Spirit the same way it applies to a ball rolling down a hill.  The ball will continue to roll until something changes its course or prevents it from rolling further.  The same is true for a ball at rest, it will remain in stillness until something influences it to move. 

In this way, we see our current path, created by our historical choices and actions as being so similar to that ball rolling along on its course.  The course we are headed down will remain the same unless we make efforts to influence it!   If we have come to a still point, we will remain still until we are influenced to take action. 

Understand that things set in motion will tend to stay in motion; so our goal becomes: Set things in motion which will benefit us and the people around us, halt things already in motion which harm ourself or others.   In our toolbox for creating the living dream, the Five Forces can be thought of as the Power Tools of the set.  Applying them to your goals and ambitions has the effect of accelerating, amplifying, and increasing your personal possibilities dramatically!  But how do we best make use of these forces?  The sixth and seventh tools give us the power and understanding through which the Five Forces can be best made use of: Summary of Tool Number 6 & 7 - The Law of Attraction and Soul Healing.  

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