QS7 8.1 - Summary “Fundamentals and Basics”

By Daniel • November 26th, 2007

The Quick Start 7 Summary:

“Fundamentals and Basics” 

Tool Number 3 - The Fundamental Questions


Your mind is so powerful that it can become difficult to manage.  It can wander, obsess, deviate, and force you to do things which aren’t in your own best interest at all.  Your mind seeks the gaining of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.  But within your mind, there is special gift the Fundamental Questions unwrap. That gift is this:  Your mind seeks to answer questions which it is asked.

Have you ever noticed this?  No matter what you are thinking about, a question can change you train of thought instantly!  Discussions aren’t enough.  If you are thinking about something, worrying, obsessing, or wondering through daydreams and a friend or colleague begins to tell you a story, you may ignore them completely!  Have you ever experienced this?  We all have.  You’re thinking intently about something, and someone tries to get your attention, and it is as if you can see them speaking, but aren’t hearing anything they say.  It’s like watching a movie without the sound turned.

Questions, now, they are a different thing entirely.  Same example, you are thinking intently about something and someone comes to you with a simple question, your mind switches instantly and to answer the question!  This is a natural property of the mind, so let’s make use of it, by applying the two fundamental questions.

We tell ourselves to do things, to believe things, to act certain ways, and it is accomplishes for nothing, we ignore ourselves as easily as we ignore a rambling associate.  But we cannot ignore our own internal questions!  The Fundamental Question is the tool here, it is the question you ask yourself over and over: “What am I being Like? What do I want to be Like?”  That’s it.  It’s that simple. 

Fifty times a day, 100 times a day, “What am I being Like? What do I want to be like?”  There’s more to this tool, but the question itself sets off a cascade inside you mind which will reach every part of you.  “What are you being like? What do you want to be like?”

These two internal questions break apart despair, destroy malaise, and restore focus!  It all happens automatically!  Ask yourself these two questions and you will immediately shift to being closer to the way you want to be!  Do it right now!  “What are you being Like?  What do you want to be like?”  It is the Fundamental Tool, because whatever you are being like, you life will become.

Tool Number 4 - The Basic Tool: OARS

The Fourth Tool here is so simple, and yet it is the tools used by all the greats before you.  You see, everything great which has ever been accomplished was accomplished the same way, Focusing on and Outcome, taking Action Towards it, repeating the action, starting again…

To build the life of your dreams, you’ll reach into this tool box over and over, grasping for the appropriate tool.  Here’s a tip:  The Basic Tool – OARS is the most powerful and versatile tool in the entire set.  In can be used for anything, in any situation it always works!  You could get confused, scared, or even depressed, sometimes your goals and dreams may seem so big you don’t know even where to begin.  This happens to all of us, we call them ’sticking points,’  but the Basic Tool will always unstuck you!

It is so simple, Focus on you outcome, see your vision, see your dream, and take action towards it, any action!  If you can’t see clearly what the best action to take is, don’t worry, just take an action towards the outcome!  Your best guess is better than no guess at all! So many people get stuck right here, stuck behind this thought, “What if I take the wrong action and get further away from my goal?”  The answer is so simple, “It doesn’t matter!”  We all learn from our mistakes, if we’re brave enough to make them.  Every misstep can become a valuable lesson getting us closer and closer to our living dream. 

Of course, we want to be effective, we want to make the best use of our actions and efforts, and and that is precisely what the Elevated 8 series is all about.   What’s important here to understand is that no matter what the goal is, action, and action alone is the only tool which will get you there.

Making use of action is the single most important tool in the toolbox, however, you don’t want to waste your efforts by rowing your boat of life against the currents.  Understanding the Five Forces which govern the Universe we live in can only help you as you meet yourself at your best.  Let’s keep moving along in this summary and take a look at how Action, Inaction, and Distraction relate to the Five Forces…

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