QS7 7.4 - A Practical Look at the Illnesses of the Soul

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul: (part 5)

“A Practical Example of the Illnesses of the Soul” 

Shortcut the Healing Process:


Many readers are seeking a pill that makes it all better.   Others still are looking for a quick fix that will make them rich, beautiful, in love, healthy, and happy.  This section is difficult to write because I am telling you something you already know, but it is something you may not want to hear or face.  I am asking you to have courage, to be brave as you learn and embrace these truths.

We are confronting many hundreds of years of propaganda, strong good propaganda designed to sell medicines, designed to sell get-rich-quick courses.  For thousands of years know the propaganda has sold the idea that you are perfect, everything, and everyone else is flawed.  The idea, that even if you step into your truth, your truth itself may be suffering from an illness is a hard concept to embrace.  But look around you, how many people do you actually know that Got-Rich-Quick?  Or, how many people do you have strong relationships without putting in the effort to build those relationships? 

I know that some of all this may be dissettling, even discouraging, the idea that even your truth may have grown ill is a terribly painful thought, then add to it the idea that you may have to abandon your old dreams to find your new ones, and you have a mountainous trek before you.  Too abandon the dream of getting rich quick, or abandon the dream of the diet pill that makes you healthy and facing the truth you already know, “If you want the reward, you need to give the effort,” facing this truth you already know will take courage.  Do you have the courage?  Do you have the courage to stop dreaming, and start living the dream?  Let’s take a look at an example of someone who did… 

Servility and Cowardice Combine:

Cowardice can look like bravery and Servility can look like independence or confidence.  Sometimes a person may appear brave as they race towards something, all the while they are actually running away from something else.  Let’s look at this idea more closely with a practical example.  In this example, our hero has a childhood dream of being an astronaut.  It has been a long held secret dream of theirs, one they always believed they would fulfill.  As our hero grew older, life got increasingly difficult, they had good computer skills and one day in a difficult situation they accepted a position as the editor of pornographic films.

A sidenote on Pornography:  People ask me: “Why did you use the example of a pornographer in the healing the soul articles?  It seems extreme.”  The truth is, for every one minute the the internet is used for self help, spirituality, personal growth or personal development, 10,000 minutes are spent using the internet for pornography.  For every person making websites on personal development, there are hundreds of others making websites for pornography.  So with the ratio of porn to self help at hundreds of times to one, the example isn’t extreme at all, just like the rest of this article, it is an example of truth we don’t want to see.   Based on the truth of the world as it is, if I used a person who had a self help course in the example, that would be more unrealistic!

  For years our hero has felt bad about this work, he’s ashamed and embarrassed of what he does for a living.  Our work has a way of stretching into our whole reality, after time it become difficult to separate what we do from who we are.   In this example our hero has come to be ashamed of his whole life.  One day he reads this article and says, “I always wanted to be an astronaut, and I am no coward so I’m going to go for it!” 

 That day, he quits his job and begins the process of trying to become an astronaut.  Hoorah!  This is Full Spirit, and I’ve said dozens of times that you can create whatever you wish for or dream for.  But, like we saw in earlier chapters, the amount of energy to create a button is not the same as the amount of energy to create a castle.  You need more than goals and dreams to get where you’re going; you need the tools and the step by step daily practice to get there.  In this case, our hero person, jumps before he leaps, throws out his current life and decides to make a change (classic- Change the Outside to Change the Inside Approach which we’ve seen seldom works for long.) 

Is he being brave, or a coward?  It is difficult to see.  It looks like bravery, and in truth it does take a lot of bravery to make a change so drastic.  He leaves a life he doesn’t want for the pursuit of his lifelong dream.  Only, is it really bravery?  Or, is he racing into the battle to become an astronaut in an effort to run away from his current situation? Both are battles he isn’t prepared to face.

The Hardest Part of Bravery is Letting Go:


 Sometimes true bravery means letting go of a dream. This is the hardest part of bravery.  Truth unveils itself to us as we get closer and closer to it.  Being in Truth means: Being as close to truth as we can be in the present moment.  This is so difficult it makes me want to cry, and believe me, letting go of a long held dream is one of the most painful things we will ever do in life, and therefore it takes tremendous amounts of bravery.

 In our astronaut example, our hero races away from a bad situation towards the dream of being an astronaut.   It is so lovely, we want o support him as best we can.  So we sit down and see what it is going to take, he needs a 6 year University Degree, then he needs 4 years as a pilot, then he needs to apply to the astronaut academy and spend another 2 years training.  So in just 12 years, he’ll be ready.  Only, he’s now 45 years old, so in 12 years he’ll will be 57, to old for the Academy’s 35 year old cutoff age.  He raced into a battle and lost before it even begins.

All is not lost, he really meant it when he said, “I am not a coward!”  He are brave enough to let go of the old dream and build a new one.  He was brave enough to quit a job he hated, and pursue a higher truth.  Now, with 20 years in movie production he easily finds a job on a crew which makes educational documentaries, and suddenly, for the first time in years, he feels good about himself!

Summary of “The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul”:


 Servility gets us to do what we don’t want to do for the sake of others.  We do what the collective or others think we should do.  We let our parents, our friends, our community tell us who we ought to be, and what we ought to think.  Cowardice then traps us into that life, holding on to unrealistic dreams as a form of medicine which makes the situation tolerable.  We hide behind our, “If only…”  and say to ourselves how one day we will break the chains of servility and fulfill that hidden dream.

 That “One Day I will fulfill my dreams” has come, and it is today.  So often the coward races foreword without the foresight or preparation of the truly brave.  So often the coward clings to an old dream the way a child clings to a blanket.  You can do anything.  You can have anything you ever dreamt of, but you must begin in the reality of your current situation. 

This is bravery.  You must be brave enough to face your present truth as it actually is.  You cannot take the next step until you arrive at the current one.  Bravery is not found in those who race in with eyes closed. 

Bravery is found in the School teacher facing another difficult budget cut.  Bravery is found in the nurse holding the hand of the badly burnt child.  Bravery is found in the garbage man who offers a smiling hello to everyone he passes.  Bravery is found in the dishwasher who saves half their paycheck to send home to family.  Bravery is found in the person who let’s go of an unrealistic vision and begins to work with the reality of the present moment.

 There is the truth of your situation.  This place, the place where your dreams meet the present reality, this place is the sacred place called: Now.  And it is the starting place for us all…

 Now, you have finished the the Quick Start 7, and you’ve been given seven priceless tools for constructing your living dream.  These seven article were merely a quick start to building your tool kit, are you ready to put those tools to work in building the life of your dreams?  If you’re ready, I suggest you continue by reading: The Review and Summary of the Quick Start 7 and then beging the process of building the life of your dreams as you progress into:  The Elevated 8 -  8 articles to begin practicing experiencing life at your best.




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