QS7 7.3 - Understanding the Illnesses of the Soul

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul: (part 4)

“Understanding the Two Illnesses of the Soul” 

The First Illness of the Soul: Servility

 There are just two afflictions capable of assailing the human soul.  It is from these two afflictions that all of our troubles and problems arise on every level of our lives.  These two afflictions manifest from the top to the bottom of the make-up of who we are, showing themselves in our health, wealth, love life, and personal satisfaction with life in general.

Servility can be difficult to understand, but is actually a very simple concept.  As you saw in The Five Forces  the force of the Collective Consciousness is a very powerful force with which to contend.  It functions something like this:  For the Soul to be healthy and vibrant, it must be in perfect integrity with its individual truth.  Let me say that again, For the Soul to be healthy and vibrant, it must be in perfect integrity with its personal truth. 

Truth is the health of the soul. To understand how servility functions as an illness think of this example: Have you ever been in a situation where someone was pressuring you to do something which didn’t feel right and you did it anyways?  A situation which you felt social, or personal pressure to do something, and you didn’t want to do it, but you did it, and then things got worse for you?  This is a very clear and easy way to think of Servility.  In this example, your personal integrity asked you to refuse, but you went against what you knew felt right and in doing so went against your own truth.  It felt bad when you did it, and then the results got worse and worse. 

In the previous example, the situation and circumstance got worse because of surrendering to peer pressure.  But what about the way every child seeks to please their parents?  How often child become trapped in a life they never wanted in an effort to gain the approval of their mom and dad.  This is servility and it is epidemic.  Mind you, I am not saying to oppose or dishonor your friends, family, and community.  Rather, I suggest there is a path where you respect your personal integrity while still respect the wishes of the ones you love.

Servility is often very subtle, we very often sacrifice our integrity in small ways, adding up to large problems over time.  Think for example of the person who accepts a job they do not feel good about, a job that may pay well, but has an unethical side which doesn’t feel good to them.  Everyday, they feel bad about what they do, they hate the job, and grow physically ill dreading the next days work.  Days stretch into years, and before long they have gotten so deep into this position they don’t believe in that their whole life revolves around it.  They have grown dependant on it financially, socially, and emotionally growing further and further away from their personal truth.  In the beginning it was an emotion struggle, but after a few years the struggle is replaced by drugs and alcohol.  They diminish their body, their vitality, and they don’t feel good about who they are, so they get deeper and deeper into distracting addictions to hide from the fact that they have begun to dislike themselves.

Servility that is everywhere.  A person accepts a situation or position they don’t believe in because they think they must, or because it is the easy way out of another difficult situation.  This brings us to the second of the two illnesses: Cowardice.

The Second Illness of the Soul: Cowardice

Cowardice is even more subtle and very difficult to truly comprehend because it so often masquerades as bravery.  In the previous example, the person accepted the position or relationship to get an easy way out of another difficult situation; they were to much the coward to face the difficult challenge of going after their real dream.  Little by little they grow further and further away from the truth of their real dream, getting deeper and deeper into a life they don’t want.  This happens slowly, little by little, and this happens quickly, in an instant.

 Cowardice means not being brave enough to go after your real dreams, not being brave enough to face your personal truth and live in it.  But here’s the twist that makes this so difficult to truly grasp, often Cowardice shows up as bravery.  Being afraid of something, the person appears brave racing towards something else.

 Here’s how it works, there is an old saying, “There are two cowards on the battlefield, the first one into battle racing in, and the last one into the battle reluctantly entering the fray.”  In this way, we see how it works.  In the battlefield example, the person is terrified, so terrified that they go into a type of shock where they shut down all their natural internal truth.  They don’t want to battle, they want to run away so badly that they turn their mind off and race in full force.  They are driven by fear to be brave and ferocious.  It is easy to understand this when you think of the phrase, “It is the wait which is difficult; the actual battle is so chaotic there is no thought.”  In this example they are not brave enough to endure the wait so they rush into the mindless chaos of the fray.  This is cowardice manifesting as its opposite.

 This same idea applies to holding onto a dream or goal which no longer serves you.  A person, after reading this says, “I am not servile!  I am no coward!”  and they make huge changes in their life to reclaim a long held dream, they should have slowed down and worked through the course!  But they didn’t, instead, they quit their job, and with as much bravery as they could muster they try to fulfill a long held dream.  They race back into the battle, attempting to reclaim their soul’s truth.  Alas, the dreams of yesterday are not the dream s of today, and they, just like the soldier racing in, have left their truth in an effort to prove their truth!



This section, “The Two Illnesses of the Soul” is certainly the most intense presented so far.  At this point you should understand that there are three approaches to healing: 1. Treat the Symptom - Heal the Body (western).  2. Remove the Blockages - Treat the Energy - (eastern).  3.  Heal the Soul - Free the Spirit (shamanic).  Only the third of these approaches begins to extend the healing of the soul, spirit, energy, body into the realm of whole life healing.  It is this third approach which cascades outward into every aspect of lives at every level.

This concept of healing the soul revolves around two illnesses from which all other problems stem.  These two fundamental illnesses are: Servility and Cowardice.  In the briefest terms possible: Servility is - Leaving one’s personal integrity behind in an attempt to please others.  Cowardice is - Leaving one’s personal integrity behind in an effort to avoid difficulties or danger. 

As you move forward through the pages and courses here at Full Spirit, you will be asked time and time again to return to your personal truth and integrity, it is this integrity, this personal truth which will act as the panacea (cure all) for every single aspect of your life.

At this point, you now have a very good grasp of these concepts, and a solid foundation of history which reminds you that only recently  have we shifted away from this concept of healing the soul.  Now let’s look at some of the subtleties in a practical example before we move on to the summary of the Quick Start 7.  A Practical Example of the Illnesses of the Soul…

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