QS7 7.2 - Freeing the Soul from Illness

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul: (part 3)

“Freeing the Soul From Illness” 

Healing the Soul:  A Long Tradition

Good ole’ Theophrastus didn’t create soul doctoring, nor did he create it as a standardized science, that happened long before he was ever born.  In fact, he was part of long tradition of Soul doctors dating back over 5,000 years, predating even our dear Hermes.  You are likely to remember Hermes from our chapter on The Law of Attraction.  What is important in this, is to understand that this idea, this notion of healing the soul has a long history of study.  Over 5,000 years of real world trial and error.  5,000 years of worldwide, real world research, practice, and results.  It is only the last 500 years that it has been forced underground by the Churches, the Medicinal Community, and the Scientific Community.

 But why?  Why would they push it underground if it worked?  Who cares why.  You already know why anyways.  Let’s get to the heart of this section and begin to understand how we can make use of Curing the two illnesses of the Human Soul.

Defining the Soul:

You’ve got the background now, so let’s get into the matter itself.  The soul is the source of our lives, our choices create our situations, our circumstances, our health, wealth, well being and relationships.  Every aspect of your life is an indication of the health and vitality of your soul.

 You understand that the soul is real, the churches agree, the scientific community agrees and we all know it instinctively that we have a soul. What is it?  What is the Soul?  Let’s work with a simplified definition for now: The Soul is an Individual Source of Identity.

 That’s a good definition.  We’re not going to get into the intricacies for now, such as “Where is the soul?  What is it made of?  How does it exist?  What does it consume?  How is it nourished? Etc”  For now, we just need to understand that it does in fact exist in the real world, and that it is the source of all our choices.

 You already know that your historical choices create your present situations and circumstances.  Your present choices create your future situations.  This applies to everything in all our lives, our health, wealth, love and vitality of tomorrow are all based on our choices of today.  Likewise, our health, wealth, love and vitality of today is all based on our choices of yesterdays past.  Oh, it’s so good, it’s so yummy, like chocolate just to think of it.  It means that you have control of your future!  You can create anything you desire through your choices and actions in the present moment.  It’s like a good massage to know this.

 But, what is the source of your choices?  Why do we all seem to fall into the same traps over and over?  What determines how we choose?

 The answer, as you already know is the soul.  What you may not have known is that the condition and health of the soul determines the choices we make and the actions we take.  The condition of the soul literally guides the condition of every aspect of our life!

 In the preceding chapter we looked at this image of a depressed girl.  We’ve all been depressed at some point so we can all relate.  What about being stuck in depression, unable to escape it?  Or, stuck in poverty, unable to escape it?  I am offering you a new way of seeing things, to consider that depression, or poverty, or unhealthy relationships may actually be symptoms of an illness afflicting your very soul.  To think that poverty could be a symptom of an illness attacking the soul the same way a cold is a symptom of a illness attacking the body, well, that is a very empowering way of thinking, it means you can heal anything!

The are Only Two Illnesses of the Soul and Spirit

There are only two illnesses of the soul.  The church is very close to correct when it regards the soul as being perfect, almost untouchable.  In truth, there are only two illnesses which have access to the soul and can affect it at all.  These two illnesses are named:  Servility and Cowardice.

 Wow, there is a lot of information in this section, and it’s just supposed to be a Quick Start - Get Acquainted sort of thing.  We’re not going to go very deep into the cures for now, this is designed to give you an overview, to give you the concepts.  In the other sections you will be given the step by step tools for diagnosing and curing these illnesses.  For now we just want to acquaint you with the concept that your soul is the source of your every situation and circumstance, and that your soul may be increased in health, vitality, and vibrancy.

 This increasing of the Soul’s health, wellness, vibrancy and vitality applies at every step of the life.  From the person trapped in depression or drug addiction, to the multi-billion dollar executive the same techniques and principles apply.  You can always become more vital, more full of life, happier, richer, and more vibrant.  The techniques of soul healing will increase every aspect of your life, as the condition of the soul influences every aspect of your life, from your physical health, the health of your relationships, all the way to your wealth,. career success, and the condition of your possessions.  Your soul is the source and force behind every single aspect of your life.

So let’s move forward into: Understanding the Two Illnesses of the Soul…

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