QS7 7.1 - The Three Approaches to Healing

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul: (part 2)

“Paracelsus Healed Souls” 

Paracelsus: The Soul Doctor

Paracelsus is famous for so many things, but there are three for which he will be forever remembered.  Ironically, it is these same three things which he accomplished for which he was erased from the history books almost altogether!  The image to the right is a rare portrait of the great man in his laboratory.  The stories of his medicines, and how he created them are the stuff of legends.  Before you read the three massive things he accomplished, take a look at what the actual artist choose to portray, look carefully, and you’ll begin to see why both the world of Science and the world of faith turned their backs on him.  The Three things I promised I’d tell you:

1.      He said, “Books of medicine need to be written in the language common people can understand and make use of.”  Then he proceeded to publish all he works in a language common to the people.  At his time, medicinal texts were written in an ancient form of latin, known to only the most learned of scholars, so for a person to become a doctor, they needed to first be an accomplished linguist and scholar.  This meant that the medicinal community was vastly out of reach from the common person.  Paracelsus was the first, and for some time the only accomplished Doctor attempting to open the medical community to the populace.  The Medical Community violently opposed him, detracting from him at every opportunity, burning his books whenever they found them, they did not want common people to have access to their teachings.  The Medical World wanted power on par with the realms of Science and Church, and Paracelsus was giving their power to the masses.

2.      He cured – Gout, leprosy, plague, cholera, dropsy, tuberculosis time and time again.  So well established in his miraculous abilities he became known as “The Royal Doctor” because members of the royal families would travel from all over the world to be cured of the  incurables through him.  It is because of this unparallelled track record, he was allowed to live.  The Royals Protected him and allowed him great freedom, he was simply to valuable to silence.  He accomplished what others only claimed.  He cured where the Science of the Medical world could not, and he cured where the faith of the churches could not.  In all of history, he stands out as one of the most revered physicians to have ever lived.

3.      He accomplished his cures by “Healing the Soul” – His approach to medicine was not in pills, potions, or otherwise.  His approach to medicine followed this basic idea “The Soul is the source of health and vibrancy, any malady of the flesh is merely a symptom of a malady of the soul.”   It is largely for this third major point that the Churches, Medical and the Scientific Communities all opposed him so violently that his name was almost erased from the world.

 Fortunately, his name is not forgotten.  Fortunately he had one major thing working in his favor, his therapies of treating the soul were able to cure what no other doctor could hope to cure.  He was protected therefore by all the Royal Families, and even came to be the namesake for the system of measuring temperature!

Flash Forward

Our modern Sciences and Churches agree now, there is a soul.  How does the system work?  It is pretty straightforward – You have a physical Body, That body is animated and activated through it’s bio-electromagnetical energy field, and that bio-electromagnetic energy is guided by the soul. 1 -2 -3. 

 Let’s go a little further:  You have a hand, you want to move that hand, an impulse of bio-electricity travels down a system of nerve fibers to the hand and it moves.  Where did the bio-electricity start?  What made the decision to move the hand?  The bio-electrical energy doesn’t have the ability to make choices, it carries messages and energy, not choices, the choice originated in the soul.  1 -2 -3. 

  1.  The Soul makes a choice and guides the system.

  2. The Spirit Force (bio-electromagnetic energy) carries the message

  3. The physical form responds.

Enter the Three Approaches:

There are three approaches in the world to healing: Western, Eastern, and Shamanic.  It works like this:  The Western Approach is the fix the symptom approach.  If you have a cough, the western approach tries to fix the physical symptom by making the cough go away and making whatever is causing the cough go away.  The Eastern Approach focuses on the spirit force, and treats the energy body, with herbs, exercise, and acupuncture all design to remove blockages in the energy field.

The Eastern approach believes that every affliction of the body is merely a symptom of an imbalance in the energy field.  It says, “The energy guides the body, we all agree, so fix the energy, and the body will fix itself.”  The third approach, the shamanic approach is focused on healing the soul, it says, “The Energy Guides the Body, and the soul guides the energy.  Cure the soul and you cure the energy, and the energy cures the body.  Start at the start, build from the foundation up and everything will be lasting and reliable.”

Oh, it’s so beautiful; I love to think of it.  It makes such good and easy sense, Cure the Soul, and everything else will fall into place.  Start at the beginning and the end will line up naturally.  This is how Theophrastus was able to cure what no other could cure.  This is why we named our temperature system after him, because he made and standardized a Science for Healing the Soul.

 But this is also why the Churches, the scientific community, and the medicinal community deplored and Denounced him.  His work went against everything they stood for.  The Church said, “The soul is perfect, flawless, it cannot be ill so it cannot be healed.”  The Scientific community said, “There is no evidence of a soul, the soul is unprovable therefore it does not exist, therefore you cannot cure it.”  And the medical community said, “Medicine is for doctors, not shamans.  Heal the body, leave the soul for the Churches.”   Fortunately, his approach worked, and as we love to say all the world over, “An ounce of evidence is worth a ton of theory.”

 This brings to you.  Now we have the three basic concepts of this chapter in tow and a bit of history to make it entertaining: 1. The Soul is Real.  2.  Being Real, the Soul is subject to the same laws of nature as everything else which is real.  3.  The Soul may become injured or ill, and also may be healed, or vitalized.  Let’s keep going and take a look at the actual injuries and illnesses of the soul and how they may be applying to you right now:  Freeing the Soul from Illness…

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