QS7 7.0 - The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul: (part 1)

“Can the Soul Really Become Ill?” 

Illnesses of the Soul and Spirit

So often, people baulk at the idea of Illnesses of the Soul.  They simply don’t want to think about it.  The idea that the soul is impervious, infallible, perfect is so comforting that any notion to the contrary is very disturbing.  We want to think that despite any imperfections in our world, at our very core, everything is exactly as we would want it to be, that all we need do is become in touch with that core and all will align itself perfectly.

 This is a lovely, comforting notion.  As we saw in Science and Spirit Unite, there has been a great divide between the world of faith and the world of science for many generations now.  This divide has given rise to the notion of a Perfect Soul.  The logic works something like this:  “There is a realm outside the realm of proof.  There is a realm outside the realm of physical laws.  To understand this realm requires faith.  The Soul exists in this realm of faith, it is not subject to the laws of the material world, it cannot be proven, and therefore requires faith to comprehend.”

 This idea always bothered me.  Even as a child it didn’t sit well with me.  If the Soul is real, then it should, even must be subject to the same laws of reality that govern all things which are real.  Why should the soul be the exemption?  If it is real, then it should be somehow similar to all things which are real.  Period.

Enter the Quantum Perspective

Oh, the lovely world of the Quantum Paradigm…  Before we dive into this, I want to set things clear on the subject of the divide.  Before the Faith and Science split up, there was unity, they existed as one, and in many cultures the divide never even occurred.  Before the divide, the Priests were the Scientists!  There was no need to separate the Universe into two realms.  The realm of faith, and the realm of proof existed together, interwoven into a magical, mystical reality where gnomes and faeries were both real and allegorical.  (Note: Allegorical means – A representation of an idea, like a myth with double meaning, or a standardized metaphor).

 But, there was a divide, the Church and Science turned their backs on one another and people were imprisoned, even executed for holding views contrary to the views in power.  This is a great example of the Force of Collective Consciousness.  At that point in history, the Church held a lot of authority over the collective mind, and if the collective Consciousness agrees that the world is flat and at the center of the Universe, then you might get executed for saying it’s round, regardless of what is correct or true. 

 For hundreds of years the authority of the Scientific Community grew based on its principle of “Proof”.  Currently in an era where things are in flux, and people really like proof, perhaps even more than faith!  Now, Faith and Science are reuniting, and like any relationship, new boundaries are being established.  This brings us to the realm of the Soul.  For the first time, the Scientific world has accepted proof of the existence of the Human Soul!  In fact, the Quantum Paradigm insists on the occurrence of localized consciousness, the occurrence of a living soul.

As Faith and Science are reuniting, Faith says, “Okay, we can get together again, but the soul remains in the realm of faith.”  Simultaneously Science said, “No, no, no we want to reunite because we now have proof that there is a soul.  The idea that the soul is a real thing is the cornerstone of why we want to reunite.”

Enter Theophrastus

If we think of the world of Science and the world of Faith as at one time being a married couple, we could certainly think of Theophrastus Bombast as their child.  A child who became a sore spot for both parents, and perhaps one of the most influential historical figures of the last 1,00 years.  If any one person could be said to be at fault for the divide, it would likely be Theophrastus. Not even Galileo pushed the Church so far as did good ole’ Theophrastus Bombast.  Theophrastus without a doubt is one of my favorite historical figures, ever heard of him?  Probably not.  But he has influenced your life.  In fact, he is one of the most influential figures of all of history, so why have so few of us ever heard of him?  He opposed the powers of the Church, he opposed the powers of the Scientific Community, and he opposed the medical community as well.  All in a massive effort to empower the masses, to empower the common people, to put truth before the collective story, to put truth between the petty bickering between Church and Science. 

 I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘Celsius’, a famous form of temperature measurement that was actually named after Theophrastus who went commonly by the name Paracelsus.  Paracelsus (Theophrastus Bombast) was a revolutionary doctor, perhaps the most famous doctor who ever lived in Europe.  So famous and influential that the system of temperature was given his namesake, and yet his story has gone all but untold.  Why?  Why has his story been left out of the history books, when we put his name on every thermometers the whole world over?  What did he do that angered the powerful Church, World of Science, and World of Medicine so badly that they scratched his name forever from their textbooks and tried to forget he ever lived, while simultaneously, many consider him to be the father of modern pharmacological medicine.   To answer that why:  He did three things for which his name was erased from every medical and scientific book, yet etched into every thermometer, three things which made him a worldwide household word and a nearly completely unknown story:

Do You want to know what those three things are?  You’ll have to click here to find out: Paracelsus Healed Souls


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