QS7 6.3 - Applying the Law of Attraction

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Laws of Attraction: (part 4)

“Apply the Law of Attraction: A Summary” 

So What does it Mean?

You’ve got it!  You’ve got the tool now, the shorthand is correct, it’s a good tool, “Like Attracts Like.” It’s true, those things which are alike will come together.  But you now have more than the shorthand, you have the science to go with it and you understand more.  You understand that those things which are alike will Align First, then Congeal.  This is the most important and critical lesson of the Quick Start 7.  Likes Align First, Then come together.  So test yourself, look at the girl to the left, what is she being like?  What will she align with?  Will she be surrounded by happy people?  Is she having fun?  Will she be Surrounded by people having fun?  Is she happy? Is she likely to be successful?  Is she experiencing life at her best?

Of course, we all have down moments, but in order to get over them we must come into alignment with the up moments.  At first this sad person will attract her opposite, happy people trying to cheer her up, but if she can’t align with them, they will go away and be with other happy people and she will find herself sharing her problems with others who also obsess on their problems.

Now you know now the real secret, what you do with it is up to you.  If you want to be like the girl pictured above, that’s your choice.  However, you’re here to practice living life at your best, so you’re probably ready to be more like the people to the right, having fun sharing the secret.  Attracting people who also enjoy the life and want the tools to build castles instead of birdhouses.  This tool is fun, once you master it, you’ll become an expert at attracting whatever you want in life.  For a review, go back to Quick Start 2: The Fundamental Principle, and get deeper in the laws of Attraction.

Summary of the Law of Attraction

It is pretty easy to understand the two major pints of this section:

  1. You have an electromagnetic energy field within and around you.

  2. The same laws of physics apply to you as they do to everything else.

Old physics didn’t account for consciousness.  We’ve known about the electricity inside the body for a very long time, but we didn’t have away to understand the difference between conscious electricity and unconscious electricity.  Now we do. Now we know that the energy inside us is flavored by our intentions, our beliefs, our strengths and weaknesses.  We also know that the same laws of physics still apply. 

We know that who we are, how we see the world determines what type of energy we have around us.  Moreover, we now now that the true Law of Attraction - Likes Align and Congeal applies to us the same way it does to things which merely simple unconscious energy fields.  We know that our energy field extends around us much further than we ever imaged it could, that we are truly, powerful, living magnets forever aligning and gathering together with those things we are like. 

This is very simple and guides every aspect of our lives.  In the preceding section you came to see that there are five forces which influence everything, and this is how they do it. This true Law of Attraction guides those things which are conscious and those things which are not.  Drug users will surround themselves with other drug users.  Rich people will surround themselves with other rich people.  Healthy people will surround themselves with healthy people.  Who we actually and truly are is spoken in every action we take, every thought we have, and everything we do.  No matter what we say, our actions will always speak the truth of who we are, and that truth will always seek to align and gather with others and situations which it is in natural accord with.  In the above image we see a representation of how this isn’t just two magnets, or two people, it massive fields of people or magnets.  Every single magnet on the Earth seeks alignment with the Earth’s magnetic force.  Such the same, every person in the world seeks alignment with the Divine Force.

That’s enough, enough for now, I sense you’ve got it.  I sense it has become clear to you this subtle truth behind the real Law of Attraction.  if it has, a natural question emerges: “How do I become Like the way I want to be? How do I learn to attract what I want to attract?” If you’re ready to keep going, we’ll answer this important question next.  Seriously, look at the sad girl to the right.  Of course she won’t attract happienes into her life.  But we all get sad, we all get depressed and we certainly can’t just turn our backs on our friends and family when they have a down period can we?  The most important thing about the Law of Attraction is what you do with it, what you choose to use it for.  What if you are stuck being depressed and attracting more depressing things into your life?  What if you are stuck being poor and attracting more poverty into your life? What if you are unhealthy getting more unhealthy?  How can you become Like what you want to be and then start attracting more of it?  How can you break the patterns of addiction? Break the patterns of poverty?  Step ahead of the patterns of ill health?  How can you get out of the cycle of unhealthy relationships?  It’s one thing to know that Like Attracts Like, it’s another thing entirely to become the way you always wanted to be.  If you’re already most of the way there, don’t worry, the next chapter will simply reinforce what you already know and prepare to take you tot he next level as well!  So let’s keep going and take a look at:  Quick Start 7 - The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul.Oh yeah, Don’t let the title scare you, there’s only two illnesses that can affect the human soul and spirit, and you are well on your way to healing both of them! 

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