QS7 6.2 - Practical Examples of the Laws of Attraction

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Laws of Attraction: (part 3)

“Practical Examples of the law of Attraction” 

In the image to left the two magnets are aligned, that is to say, the poles are all facing the same direction.  In other words, the opposite polarities are closest together in the middle and iron filings are added to show the lines of force, notice how dense the filings gather between the two magnets.  Now to the right, the same two magnets are arranged so they are in opposition, not aligned, meaning the poles which are alike are brought together.  Notice what happens in between them, the lines of force are so strongly opposing each other that no filings can gather at all between them!  This is an amazing phenomenon!

Look at this close-up to the left, here the opposites are placed together (magnets are in alignment) and look what happens to the lines of force.  When the opposite poles are brought together they create a massive force of attraction.  This attraction influences cascades into the area all around the magnets themselves. Not only has the force consolidated and grown dense between them, it has harmonized and amplified all around them!  Look at how dramatic the lines of force come together! Compare this with the following image where the two magnets are not aligned and the like polarities are forced together.  Just look at the amazing contrast between the two!  Llok at the area between them in the image above and compare it to the image at the right, then look all around the magnetic sources.  When the magnets are aligned (opposites brought together) the whole energy field aligns and amplifies, when they are not aligned (likes brought together) the lines of force bend away and diminish one another.

This is why we hear, “Opposites Attract” over and over.  It is because opposite forces align and create massive fields of aligned energy, (attraction influence).  In this way, Likes must Align and Congeal! If likes don’t align, they will repel and oppose one another.  Things which are alike must come into alignment with one another, and then come together!  This is why people who are opposites are so attracted to one another, but cannot stay together.  People mostly choose lasting partners with people they are alike, in this way they can amplify and magnify each other instead of opposing one another.

Applying this to People

Now, in the above examples we are looking at energy as if it were flat, and it isn’t, it is all around us.  In the image to the right we can see how it is all around the magnet as well.  We simply used the flat example because it is easy to see and understand, but the truth is, the energy exists in three dimensions.  As you already know, there is an electromagnetic energy field inside your body, it is how the nervous system functions.  In simple terms, your Spirit Force has a thought, let’s say, “Move your hand” and an electromagnetic pulse fires down a system of nerve cells to create the movement.  Here’s where it really gets interesting, wherever there is electromagnetic energy, there is an electromagnetic energy field!

In the image of the Earth, the electromagnetic field is pretty clear and straightforward, but a human isn’t flat or round, we a re a complex shape after all.  In the image to the left we see how the electromagnetic field of a human functions from a Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) of a person tuned to measure the polarities within the body.  As you can see, it isn’t as simple as the bar magnets, but it is the same!

In the image to the right we are looking at the human head from the top down, and we see the same pattern of polarities emerging!  This is phenomenal!  The same rules of attraction and repulsion apply to human beings as they do to everything else.  Our thoughts, our very nature creates an electromagnetic field around us which insists that we align and congeal with things we are alike with!  Oh my goodness! I am overwhelmed…  Let me slow down for a second here… 

Really, Really Applying this to People

At the left, it the same magnetic imaging, only this time it is applied to two magnets.  On the left, the opposites are brought together, look at how large the force of attraction between them is!  To the right, the likes are brought together, and look at what happens between them!  The lines of force are literally curving to get away from one another. 

Okay, so now let’s look at the energy field of these two men again.  Now you understand, Likes Align and Congeal, those energies which are alike come into alignment with one another and then gather together.  In magnets this is very simple, there is only direction and intensity.  But in people, we introduce the third and most important factor, Consciousness.  Consciousness colors and flavors the energy of humans and adds the critical factor of alignment.  Thos people which are alike in energy and intention will gather together and amplify one another.  Those people which are opposite will be attracted to one another, but unable to stay together because they will not be able to align!

This section is sort of intense, with lot’s of Science, I think I’m going to need to do a summary to tie it all together neatly.  Remember, this is really simple, Likes Align and Congeal.  You need to be able to see how this works in your real life, what you are like will attract more of its reflection to itself over and over.  Let’s do a summary of this section and call it, “Applying the Law of Attraction: A Summary”

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