QS7 5.3 - Putting the Forces to Work for You

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Five Forces: (part 4)

Putting the Forces to Work for You

The Material Force of Inertia 

There are three laws which govern the material force.  If you can understand these, you will be ready to take off on your Quick Start to Creating the life of your dreams.  We’re going to take a brief look at each off these three laws here, but before we do that, it is important to make clear the idea that the Material Force applies also to the world of energy.  Energy is a type of material, a very subtle material, but a material nonetheless.  Anything which can affect anything else must have a material component to it, and thus falls under the influence of the laws governing the material force of inertia.  Let’s look at these laws one by one now:

The Law of Rest - Inactivity 

“Material at Rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an outside influence.”  This is pretty easy to understand.  If you put a glass on a table, it will remain there until something comes along and moves it.  This is the same for our physical bodies, when we are still, we remain still until the force of our personal consciousness activates us to move, or an outside influences comes along and moves us.

This is easy to understand, now apply it to your personal situation.  Your situation and circumstance represents a material occurrence.  Your job, your relationships, your home, car, possessions, etc. all can be though of in material terms.  The First Law of the Material Force when applied to your life states: “Your life will remain the same unless acted on by an outside influence.”  That means, things won’t change unless you change them, or something comes along and makes a change for you!  Thankfully, Full Spirit is here to help influence you to Experience Life at Your Best!

The Law of Motion - Activity 

“Material in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside influence.”  Now this one is a little more subtle, and will form the basis of the next chapter.  It means that those things which are moving will continue to move in the direction they are going, unless acted on by an outside influence.  Before we go any further I want to get one thing clear, I hear in my mind’s eye some of you saying, “What about Entropy? What about friction? What about decay? What about the conservation of force?”  These are all good questions from the mindset of traditional physics, and rather than address them, I am going to ask you to suspend those questions for now and step into the Quantum Paradigm.  I could easily write many more chapters explaining how those things function in the Quantum Paradigm, but instead, for now, just try to grasp the overview of the Material Forces, and think about how you can put these forces to work in your favor.  

What matters most her is understanding this simple law of the material world.  What is in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside influence.  Look for a moment at the image to the right, the basketball will move downward until it hits the ground (outside influence), the runner will run until his consciousness influences him to do otherwise (outside influence).  This is very simple and basic, but it means everything when you get a hold of it.  It means that the rich continue to get richer, the poor get poorer, people gaining weight continue to gain weight, a relationship in decay continues to decay, an unhappy person stays unhappy, all of these unless acted on by an outside influence.

When taken together, the first two laws make pretty clear everything in our lives:  What is still will remain still unless we do something about it, what is happening will continue to happen unless we do something about it.

The Law of Reaction - Reactivity and Pro-activity 

“For every action there is a reaction.”  This is the biggy, and a stumbling point for lots of people.  Get this one right and you’ve got half the master key, get it wrong and you’re stuck.  Lot’s of people get it wrong, they heard, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If you think about it, that makes no sense at all! If that were true, then nothing would every occur, every action would be immediately cancelled out! The Truth is, for any action there can be a number of reactions, which don’t have to be equal, or opposite, but a reaction must occur.

For every action there is a reaction, most of the time the reaction is pretty predictable, the Universal Force insists on this.  No matter what the action is, no matter what direction the force pushes, things which are alike will tend to align and come together.  You see, these forces are all pretty predictable, in the end, action creates a pretty predictable reaction, that reaction will always tend to follow the Universal Force which will guide things which are alike to be alike!  So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?  Let’s do a quick summary and then move on to putting this to work for you.

The Five Forces Summary 

The image to the left was the first image in this section, so it is fitting that it is the last.  When you first saw it I didn’t tell you about it, now I will.  It is an image of living nerve fibers encouraged to grow in this pattern of five rings!  I selected it because it summarizes both the content and concepts of this section. 

The Five Forces have the ability to amplify your every wish and desire to the point that they become real, that your life becomes the living dream you deserve.  If, and only if, you learn to work with them!  The First Force, the Universal Force insists that those things which are alike align and congeal, simple, the nerve fibers above have aligned and congealed together.  The Second Force, the Divine Force insists that you, and everyone and everything else seek your own best interest.  Just like the nerve fibers above, everything from the smallest to the largest seeks to live, survive, and thrive.

The Third Force, the force of personal Consciousness is the smallest and most most important of the five forces.  It is where you get to determine what you will and will not do.  You are the guiding force in all of this, you get to choose if you will row against the current, or use the current to your advantage.  In the nerve fibers above, there are 1000’s of individual cells, each one must determine if it wants to be part of the whole or not.  If it chooses to be part of the whole, it survives and flourished, if not, it perishes on the outside unable to find the support of the collective.  The Fourth force is the force of the collective consciousness, this is where all the minds of all the individuals combine to create a whole.  In the Nerve rings above, the individual cells combine to create something more, something bigger, a whole where every cell is in communication with every other.  The last of the Five Forces is the Material Force, the force of inertia.  This is where you get to influence and interact with it all.  Your life will remain as it is, headed in whatever direction it is headed unless you influence it.

Of course, for most of your reading this, your life is and has been headed for the better for a long time now.  You have been growing stronger, richer, happier for a very long time.  Now, by applying these new tools, you’ll be ready to amplify even further.  Much the same way I did when these tools were given to me, I went from a successful local level successful producer, to national level mega producer in a few short months.  I went from producing events for a few thousand people, to working with hundreds of thousands of people.

So let’s get started!  Now you have the a solid grasp of these concepts, let’s take a look at how we can actually apply these concepts to your life, your goals, your dreams, and get you moving rapidly down the path of Experiencing Life at Your Best!  Next: Introducing - The Laws of Attraction…  

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