QS7 5.2 - The Three Basic Forces

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Five Forces: (part 3)

Introducing the Three Basic Forces”

The Force of Individual Consciousness 

At this point you should have a pretty good grasp on what the Divine Force and the Universal Forces are.  For a summery, the Universal Force is the sum of all forces combined and insists on one and only one thing: “Likes Align and Congeal.”  The Divine Force is the Force of Universal Consciousness and has likes and dislikes.  The Divine Force favors good, joy, comfort, and accomplishment.  Simple!

 This brings us to the Third, Fourth, and Fifth forces: the bottom row of the Ancient Five Ringed pyramid.  The Third and Fourth forces are also very closely linked together, they are the forces of individual and collective consciousness.  The Third Force, the Force of Individual Consciousness, or the Personal Consciousness Force guides and determines what you create, see, experience, explore, acquire, enjoy, disregard, and deplore.  It is the force of your personal identity. The Force of Personal Consciousness is perhaps the most important of all the forces to each of us, because it determines what we will see and how we understand all of the other forces.

 The Force of Personal Consciousness is also called the ‘Spirit Force’, “The Will”, and “The Force of Intention.”  It manifests in your attitudes, actions, and can be measured in terms of enthusiasm.  It is good to think of this Force in terms of ‘Will’.  It may help if you consider this spectrum, “Idea - Dreams - Wishes - Goals - Intentions - Expectations - Will”.  The Force of Personal Consciousness has two aspects, ‘The Observed, and the Created’.  Your individual Will dictates what you will create, as well as what you observe in any given situation.

Understanding the Force of Personal Consciousness

At any given party there are always two types of events occurring: People having fun, and miserable people.  It is good to remember this about life in general.  If you use your personal consciousness to observe those people who are miserable, you will remember the event as being miserable.  If you choose to observe those having fun, you will remember the event as fun.  Simple.  Our observations dictate our experience. 

There is a reality, a certain number of people are having a good time, while a certain number are not.  The overall party can be thought of in this way, how many people are having a good time, versus how many people are having a bad time.  If more people have a good time than bad, then the party will be remembered as good.  This creates a spectrum for rating parties, like this:  Great- Very Good - Good - Fair - Poor - Very Poor - Miserable.  In this way, any given party can be ranked in terms of what is actually going on.  But here’s the magic of Personal Consciousness; What determines your experience?  Even if 99 out of 100 are having a bad time, there is still that one person having a good time!  Why?  What is it that they are doing which is different from everyone else?

In the image above and to the right, we see an image of the electromagnetic field surrounding a human, the Aura.  These are both real images, not computer generated, taken using a technology called Krillian Photography.  Two things immediately strikes the viewer: 1. These two men have different colored energy fields.  2. The energy fields in both images changes intensity from the first to the second picture.

This is important and easy to understand, your personal energy body,  Spirit Force has a color (type) and an intensity.  If your energy field is strong, and tuned to be happy, you will be happy regardless of what is happening around you.  These images are before and after images, first the man had his image taken, then was guided through a short ten minute energy clearing and cultivating meditation, and the image was taken again to measure the difference in the energy field.  You see, the Force of your personal Consciousness is like all other forces and currents, it has a direction, and strength.

The Collective Consciousness Force

The Force of the Collective Consciousness is easy to understand if you understand simple Physics.  It works like this: When energy fields are brought together, they influence each other and create a shared energy field.  The party example applies here nicely: If you are at a party where everyone is having a bad time, you are more likely to have a bad time as well, vice versa for everyone having a good time.  Think about it, if everyone around you is enjoying themselves, you are likely to get swept up in that current of collective joy and have a good time as well!

  Our personal energy field extends well beyond the boundaries of our bodies surrounding and encircling us all.  This is your best friend and perhaps your worst enemy.  The Force of the Collective Consciousness is so powerful, to defy the will of the collective is the greatest challenge any of us will ever face in this life.  In fact, the Force of the Collective Consciousness is so powerful, that it forms the seed of one of the two fundamental illnesses of the human spirit/soul. 

 To understand this, you need look no further than the clothes you wear.  The Force of the Collective Consciousness drapes itself onto you, around you, and it doesn’t stop there, it pervades you, dominates you at every turn.  Think for an instant how different the clothes are from a different culture, so radically different then those you wear, and yet everyone in that culture dresses so similar.  Or the clothes of another era, the sandals and robes from a few thousands years ago, dress for a day in the clothes of ancient Babylon in this modern world and you will feel instantly the stares, judgments, and voices of others insisting, “You must think, dress, walk, move, speak as we all do!”  This is the force of the collective Consciousness.  It is like an average of all the Personal Consciousnesses summed together, and smoothed out to create “Normal”.

The Force of Collective Consciousness is everywhere.  It dominates how we think, what we do, where we go, how we act, speak, dress, behave, and so much more.  We’re going to be talking allot more about how to put this to work for you, how teams may accomplish more than individuals, and learning practical techniques for cultivatin gthe Collective Force, but for now, let’s look at the Fifth Force: The Force of Inertia

The Material Force: The Force of Inertia

The Fifth and Final of the major Forces is called the Material Force, also known as the Force of Inertia.  Like the Universal Force, the Force of Inertia is not conscious, it follows the three basic laws of physics:

  1. Material at Rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an outside influence. 

  2. Material in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside influence. 

  3. For every action there is a reaction.  

Lot’s of people get that last one wrong, they heard, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  That’s old physics, the modern Quantum Paradigm shows us that isn’t actually true.  For any action there can be any number of reactions, which don’t have to be equal, or opposite!

The Force of Inertia applies to everything, and is the simplest of all forces to understand, and the simplest to put to work for you.  Let’s take a deeper look at the force of inertia… The Fifth Force - The Force of Inertia…

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