QS7 5.1 - Putting the Divine Force to Work for You

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Five Forces: (part 2)

Putting the Divine Force to Work for You

A Modern Example of the Divine Force 

 Before we dive into the three basic forces, I want to offer an example of the Divine Force that I think makes it even easier to understand.  This example offers a good conceptual for explaining how the Divine Force Functions, the example is of a modern video game.  Modern video games often involve an adventure of one form or another where the adventurer must collect resources and solve puzzles along the way.  All these games have one fundamental element in common, THE PUZZLES ARE SOLVABLE, The Game is Winnable, the resources a player needs are available.  None of these games are designed to be unsolvable, none of these games present the players with obstacles which cannot be surmounted or circumvented.  They can be solved, or avoided; this is the way in which these games are all designed in common.  The needed resources are always there, one must simply uncover and discover how to put them into use. 

 The Divine Force insists that life functions this way as well.  The resources to solve the next puzzle or pass the next obstacle in real life are always there, sometimes they may be hidden, or difficult to understand, nonetheless, the Divine Force insists that all problems have a solution and that in truth, in the long run, Good does prevail, and time and time again Evil is defeated, ceaselessly creating the adventure of life.  The Divine Force insists that the image to the right is beautiful, to all cultures, to all people. Which side will you choose to embrace?  Will you align with the Divine force and strive to create the most good for the most people you can in this life?  Or, will you strive to create the most good for yourself, at the expense of others?

 Do you understand?  The Divine Force strives to create as much good for as many as possible, while the Universal Force makes no distinction between good or evil.  In the end, the Divine Force is always the Greater of the two forces, because it has a preference it has a direction of movement.  This preference becomes the guiding force of the Universal Force, Even though the Universal Force includes it.  You can literally unlock unlimited power by aligning with the Divine Force.  In the end, if you choose to strive towards creating the most good in this world as you are capable, you will be rewarded directly in proportion to the good you created, this is the Law of Nature, you will reap what you sow.  What you give will be returned to you, so if you struggle against the Divine Flow, your reward will be more struggle.  If instead you align and strive to create the most good in the world possible, your reward will be tremendous personal good being returned to you.

Two Great Forces and Three Basic Forces

In understanding the Five Forces, it makes sense to split them into two groups.  At the the upper level of the pyramid we see the Two Greater Forces: The Divine Force, and the Universal Force.  At the base of the pyramid we see the three basic forces: The Force of Personal Consciousness, the Force of Collective Consciousness, and the Material Force, also know as the Force of Inertia.

Before we go any further I want address a small issue which arises in this section, some of my readers here feel that this topic is too esoteric, and find these concepts difficult to apply.  I want to explain that once you learn to work with these Forces, it becomes like a supercharger for a car.  Your ability to manifest and create will go up by levels you never imagined.  IN my personal example, when the Shaman taught me how to align myself with these flows, I went from working with thousands of dollars a month to millions of dollars per day.  Literally.  Before I understood these simple concepts of Forces, I was managing about $14,000 per month.  After I learned to apply them, it jumped to over $50 million dollars per month within six months.

The difference was as simple as pointing a raft to go with the current instead of against it.  Once you understand that there is a current, a natural flow, you can put that to your advantage immediately and use it to your favor.  So, to the cynics and pragmatists who want to jump straight into the practical applications and worksheets, I ask you this, “Can you afford to ignore the single most powerful source of aid in existence?”

Okay, I think that’s enough for now on the Divine and Universal Forces, if you’re ready, let’s get a better understanding of the three basic forces.  Introducing the Three Basic Forces…

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