QS7 6.0 - The Secret Laws of Attraction

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Laws of Attraction: (part 1)

Introducing the Secret Law

Alright, we’re rapidly approaching the end of the Quick Start 7 series.  At this point you have been equipped with some fantastic tools and concepts, and your tool kit is growing rapidly.  It’s getting gto the point in time where we’re going to need to start using these tools and building the life of your dreams.

 I like to think of building a life as similar to building anything else, first you need the dream, then a plan, then you need some tools, then you need to learn to use the tools, then you need to use them!

 In this section, the Laws of Attraction you’re going to be learning how to use the tools you’ve already been given.  In understanding the Laws of Attraction and how they actually work, you’ll be applying the 5 previous tools and learning to put them to work.  In this way, you can think of the Laws of Attraction as the plan, or the tool that uses all the other tools.

Like Attracts Like: 

The Law of Attraction is not: “Like Attracts Like.”  I know I am going to ruffle a few feathers with that one, because “Like Attracts Like” is a very popular shorthand for understanding the laws of attraction, and I do hope you use it to understand the core concept here. 

 As we discussed in the first chapters of this section, “Science and Spirit Unite”, at Full Spirit we make every effort to apply good, real science to the laws of success and personal development.  Saying, “Like Attracts Like” is fine, great even, it gets the point across, but it isn’t scientifically correct.  It is the Popular Science Version of the real science behind the laws of attraction.

 It’s good, it’s simple, and I hope you use it to explain the concept to others and even remind yourself of how it works.  But you expect allot from yourself and me here at Full Spirit, so we’re go to go a deeper into this concept.  After all, if you really want to Experience Life at Your Best, you deserve the best tools the world has to offer.

The Best Tools Build the Best Results 

There is a saying amongst craftspeople, “The Limits of your tools, are the limits of your work.”  This means, that if your saw is bent, your cuts will be crooked and whatever you build will come out crooked.  If you have a tiny little hammer, you can only drive tiny little nails.  With this idea in mind, let’s look at the Law of Attraction. 

“Like Attracts Like.”  Okay, okay, you know this is true, you know the Universal Force and Fundamental Principle insist that Likes align and congeal, isn’t that the same as saying, “Like Attracts Like”?  The answer is “Yes, it is the same,” and “No, it isn’t the same.”  ‘Like Attracts Like’ and ‘Likes Align and Congeal’ mean the same thing, but they aren’t the same thing.  It’s the difference between having a little hammer to build a birdhouse, and a big hammer to build a castle.  Let’s take a look at how the Law of Attraction and the phrase, “Like Attracts Like” became so popular.

The History Behind the Secret

The concept itself is as ancient as civilization itself and often accredited to ancient Egypt and a man named Hermes who set it in stone (literally) over five thousand years ago.  However, in Hermes Emerald tablet, what he wrote translates more accurately as, “The Inferior agrees with the superior, and the superior agrees with the inferior,”  Not all that easy to understand.  So an entire branch of priests and holy persons grew around protecting this sacred knowledge.  It was, for a practical uses, information held only by the ruling families and churches.  They literally used this simple piece of information, to create the pyramids, incredible riches, and civilization itself.  But how? 

In modern times, many people like to call the Law of Attraction, “The Secret” and they even made a movie by that name claiming that the “The Secret has been held by the royals and the churches who use it to hold power over the masses.”  This is an unkind notion.  For five thousand years the Churches have tried everything they could to share this secret and give it to the masses!  But it is hard to grasp because it is so subtle and simple, and so often becomes buried under the difficulty in separating the concept from the words.

 Now, consider that Hermes predates the bible by 3,000 plus years, and the great Egyptian civilization predates the bible by that much as well.  As paganism gave way to Catholicism and Christianity, the phrase was retranslated to, “As above, so below,” and the Churches tried and tried to teach people this basic secret. You see, it was never hidden, it is just difficult to express because it is so simple and subtle.  “As above, so below” means the same thing as, “Like Attracts Like” which means the same thing as “The Inferior agrees with the superior, and the superior agrees with the inferior,” but you’d need an ancient scholar to show you how these three phrases all express the same content.

 Meanwhile, two other major civilizations, on in Asia, and one in India also tried to share this same basic concept.  In Asia, the symbol of Yin-Yang carries the knowledge, and in India the Idea of Vishnu (preservation) holds the same information.  We’ll talk more about the world’s faiths and sciences in the Five Pillars Program, for now, it suffices to understand that this Secret has never been a secret at all, it is just subtle!

So if the Scret Law of Attraction isn’t, “Like Attracts Like” what is it then?  Let’s keep moving and take a look at the Real Secret behind the Laws of Attraction: The Real Secret Disclosed!

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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