QS7 5.0 - Introducing The Five Forces

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

The Five Forces: (part 1)

Introducing the Five Forces

 In your journey through this life, you will encounter five major forces which guide and motivate the flow and outcome of all things.  It will be your choice with how you choose to embrace and encounter these forces.   We can remember these forces using the famous five ring visualization seen above. It is not dissimilar to a pyramid which has a top, a middle, and a base.  In this case however, the top is left unrepresented, the hidden sixth force.  It is the absence, the void which allows all things to flow.  Let us not concern ourselves at this time with notions of nothing, instead, let us turn our attention to the forces which do exist. 

Once you understand these forces, you will be well on your way to putting them to work for you. This functions same way a musician may amplify their voice with a microphone and sound system, these forces likewise offer the ability to amplify your will and intentions into the world around you.  A word to the wise here, Forces flow as rivers do, if you use the current to your advantage you will be guided easily and effortlessly towards your destination.  If you oppose the current and struggle against it, you will find yourself waging a loosing battle against the natural flow.

The Divine and Universal Forces 

  A the very top of the pyramid there is one ring missing, the Force of the Void.  The Void allows all movement, for without space, nothing can flow.  At the next highest level, the middle, there are two rings, these represent the Divine Force and the Universal Force.  There is a timeless debate and ceaseless interplay between the two great forces at the top of this pyramid.  The greatest force is the Divine Force, yet it is so closely mated and matched with the Universal Force that one might easily mistake one for the other and become confused.  Let’s take a closer look at these two forces so you may better distinguish one from the other.

 The Universal Force is vast, so vast that it encompasses and includes the Divine Force, yet the Divine Force is the greater of the two.  But how can the Divine Force be the strongest if the Universal Force includes it?  Once you understand this, you’ll understand exactly why there are two rings at the top of the pyramid instead of just one peak, they need each other.  They cannot exist without each other.  This is valuable and important knowledge.

 Let’s start with the Universal Force as, after all, it does encompass the Divine Force.  First, take a look at the image to the left, it is an image of what the entire universe would look like if we could travel very far away from the center and look back at it.  It is actually fairly flat, like a massive snowflake.  What is amazing is the order of something that large.  Even upon first glance it is clearly very neatly organized.  As you remember from the Fundamental Principle: Likes align and Congeal, this applies at the smallest and largest of scales, the Universal Force insists on it.  It is the Fundamental driving force of the Univerce “Likes Align and Congeal.”

The Universal Force The Universal Force has no knowledge of good and bad, it does not care, nor does it have any understanding or make any distinction between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Morality and Impurity.  The Universal Force simply is the force which flows through all things, it is the sum all of that is good, and all that is bad.  It is the force you may call upon to transform itself into any of your desires provided you understand how it functions.  It is the largest of all the forces, and functions based on the simple law which governs all things, “Likes Align and Congeal.”  This Universal Force sees to it that the Fundamental Principle is carried out, regardless of good or bad, kind or evil, right or wrong, it is simply a force which guides and governs all things living and not.  So if the Universal Force is the  fundamental and largest force, how can the Divine Force be the greatest?

The Divine Force 

   While the Universal Force cares not, and makes no distinctions, the Divine Force cares explicitly and forever seeks the betterment of all.  The Divine Force is the driving force, the guiding force, the force of the Universal Consciousness.  Yes, I did say, “Universal Consciousness”! For some of you that may be a bit hard to accept, for others it is as easy as taking your next breath.  You know it in your core, you know that there is a consciousness in all things.  Now, this is the Quick Start series, a very rapid short summary of the major points of personal power, so I am not going to go very deep into this idea of Universal Consciousness.  For now, it suffices to give you the freedom to explore the idea a bit deeper if you like by checking out my personal experiences applying the Force of Universal Consciousness (the divine force): Embracing the Force of Universal Consciousness.  Also it is important to mention that on the back of Quantum Physics, there is an emerging Scientific Paradigm which seeks to finitely measure and evaluate this force of Universal Consciousness.  We’ll get much deeper into that later.

Let’s stay focused on understanding the Divine Force for now.  While the Universal Force is the underlying force, the Divine Force is the Guiding Force.  Basically, all things seek their own best interest.  All creatures seek comfort, security, growth, nourishment, survival, and reproduction; these are the evidences of the Divine Force.  If you can see that even a humble tree is guided by seeking the warmth of the Sun, than you can understand the nature of the Divine Force.

 Look for a moment at the image to the right, there is something there.  An emotion is evoked.  Of course it is unique for everyone, but yet, it is the same for everyone as well.  There is something simple, something majestic about this little girl playing the piano.  Cynic or proponent, I ask you to ask yourself, “Do you want to interrupt her?” Was your first instinct that if you saw this little cherub at play, would you seek to stop her, or more likely, did you seek to relax and enjoy her?  Even more likely, look again, does she inspire in you the desire to protect and support her?  To keep from her anything which would interfere with this moment?  That, that sense which she inspires is the Divine Force running through you.  It is an innate, in born, shared and personal quest for the betterment of self, and all.

Let’s keep going here and take a look at an example of the Divine Force before we move forward and meet the other Forces on our Journey…  The Five Forces Part 2 - Understanding the Five Forces 

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