QS7 4.0 - Back to Basics: Getting your OARS in the Water

By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

Back to Basics: (part 1)

Getting your OARS in the Water

 It has been shown that our minds flicker, jumping from one train of thought to another about every 6 seconds!  That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 jumps per day.  10,000 times every day our minds leap from one topic to another, back and forth, leaving one train of thought and jumping to another, leaving and returning, over and over.  Even very focused and directed individuals do this.  We want to make use of this natural phenomenon by inserting these two key phrases into this jump pattern: “Focus on Fundamentals” and “Back to Basics”.  As you grow your personal power, you’ll use these two phrases to tune your mind and focus repeatedly. 

 Tuning your mind is similar to tuning any instrument.  Like a guitar, there are many correct tunings for the different types of play.  “Focus on Fundamentals” becomes the reminder which jumps into the mind, re-focusing it, asking us to tune into the way we want to be.  Focus on Fundamentals: “Likes align and congeal,  What am I being like?” While the other key phrase, “Back to Basics” reminds us of what we do next.

Defining the Basics: OARS

A boat without OARS is adrift, subject to the whimsy of the fundamental principle.  It will simply coast and drift to wherever all others without means of motivation go.  It will align and congeal with all others who do not guide themselves, who do not row! Motivation, is a neat word, it means both the desire to move towards a goal as well as indicating the means of movement, in this case, the OARS

 So you’ve learned how to focus on fundamentals, you’ve learned to pause,ask yourself, “What am I being like?  What do I want to be like?”  Then what?  What do you do after you’ve decided what you want to be like?  You get “Back to Basics!”

 So what are the basics?  Back to Basics - get your OARS in the water and start rowing towards your goals!  First focus on fundamentals, then get Back to Basics!  Our studies revealed an amazing thing; successful people all had a similar version of the same basic thing.  A similar version of an oar which they could use to propel themselves towards that which they desired.  An oar which they could use to guide themselves away from negative things and towards desirable things.

Outcome - Action - Repeat - Start Over

Back to Basics means determine your Outcome – Take Action towards it – Repeat that action – Start Again.  An OAR is a simple thing, simply use it to propel a boat or craft forward.  It is intuitive and requires no instructions.  It’s no different in using your OARS to create the life of your dreams, simply pick your outcome, take action towards it, take that action again, and again, then start over.  Using an OAR isn’t magic or difficult, just repetitive, repeatedly taking action towards a desired outcome.  Focus on Fundamentals to determine what you want to be like, then get your OARS in the water by taking action towards a desired outcome.

   There’s nothing magic or complex here.  Once again, it is so simple as to be elusive.  Your mind is going to natural flicker from one thought to another.  We want to insert the phrase, “Back to Basics” into that flickering.  Every time you catch yourself existing, you say to yourself, “Let’s get back to Basics! Let’s get our OARS in the water and start rowing!”  It doesn’t matter what the goal is, or where you are in relation to the goal, what matters is that you make progress towards the goal, little by little bringing yourself closer to your living dream by:  First - Get a clear image of the Outcome you desire.  Second - Take Action towards it.  Third - Repeat (take the same action again, if they action seems to be working, do the same thing again, if it didn’t seem to get you closer then go to step four). Forth - Start Over means to clearly see the desired outcome, figure out an action you can take towards it, take the action, take the action again and again, then start over again.  Rowing a boat isn’t a mystical thing, it is simple and straightforward, and most importantly, it works!

Making the Most from your OARS  

 Getting your OARS in the water is a tool so valuable as to be priceless.  The Fundamental Principle insists that Likes Align and Congeal, so once you get your OARS working in your favor, you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by like minded dedicated people.  You’ll quickly find yourself in a world where your closest allies are all pulling together to create life as a living dream.  It isn’t difficult, it is as simple as rowing a boat, simple put your OAR in the water, row, repeat, and in no time you’ll find yourself achieve goals and arriving at destination you never thought possible. 

Everything you ever hoped for is within your reach, by simply taking steps towards a clear outcome, over and over, you’ll arrive with style and grace.  This isn’t a get there quick and fall back suddenly plan, this is a step by step long term solution for creating the life of your dreams.  So be patient, be determined, and Full Spirit is going to be there with you every step of the way in the years to come.  One OAR stroke after another, until before you know it, you too are living the life of your dreams every single day! 

Let’s take a look at how the Fundamental Principle and OARS tie together in perfect concert in the following example…


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