QS7 3.2 - “Two Approaches to Creating Your Living Dream”

By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

The Fundamental Principle: (part 3)

“Two Approaches to Creating Your Living Dream”

There are fundamentally two approaches to creating life as a living dream: The Inside-Out Approach, and the Outside-In Approach. The idea here is that the way we are on the inside will create the situations and circumstances we experience on the outside. At the same time, what we experience on the outside will influence the way we feel on the inside.  This gives rise to the two approaches for experiencing life at your best.  The first approach, the Outside-In approach is very popular, it is full with promises of immediate gratification.  It works something like this:  Change your outside situation and you will feel different on the inside, for example; “Not happy with your, job?  Get a different one.  Not happy with you finances? Make more money.  Not happy with your relationship?  Get rid of it, replace it.  Not satisfied with your body? Exercise, eat different.”  Very simple.  Makes good sense to, doesn’t it?  Simply change what is happening on the outside, and then you’ll feel different on the inside, so easy. 

A problem which arises over and over with the outside-in approach is this:  The outside will always align with the inside, the inside guides the flow, for example; “Unhappy with your job? Then get a new one, then become unhappy with that one too.”  “Unhappy with your relationship?  Then get a new one, then become unhappy with that one too.”  The problem with fixing our emotions by changing our outside world is simple, it doesn’t work for long, it doesn’t last. 

 Lasting change comes from the inside.  The Inside-Out approach is different, and its promise of lasting change is different too.  The idea is that by changing the way we see things from the inside, the outside world will align with the way we see it.  In other words, if we change the way we are on the inside, our external world will shift to line up.  For example:  Not happy with your job?  Do it to the absolute best of your ability.  Do it better than anyone else, learn it completely, become the best at it, Do More and Better Service than that for which you are paid, go above and beyond, find joy in doing it to the best of your ability.  Then watch what happens, watch what comes your way. 

I’ve seen this over and over, a person dissatisfied with their job changes their attitude and decides to do it better than anyone could and finds joy in doing it.  Not surprisingly, they congeal with others who are also  doing their best, eventually they attract the attention of someone who says, “Wow, you are a joyful hard worker, I’d like to hire you to do…”  Suddenly, they have the job they always wanted!  Suddenly they find themselves missing the job they hated as they move onto the job of their dreams.  It is immediate, and it is lasting. 

Immediately they begin to find joy in the work they once disliked because it becomes a game to them, the game is seeing how well they can do the job.  Immediately the suffering through a hated job vanishes and is replaced with a playful striving, the work they hated becomes fun!  They’ve changed the way they are being, the way they are seeing things, and suddenly, almost immediately the work changes for them. Instead of finding a better job, they find joy in the present one, then, after a short time, often a very short time they find themselves getting that better job of their dreams.

Which Approach is Best?

Here at Full Spirit, we like to make use of every tool, and strongly avoid focusing on what’s wrong with things.  Both the Outside-In and Inside-Out approach have many strengths which can be used to compliment tone another.  The approach you’ll be putting to use in the pages and lessons of Full Spirit are makes use of both techniques, changing the way you feel on the inside, simultaneously changing your outside situations.  This technique is known as Quantum Anchoring, and we’ll talk allot more about it in the Practical Version of this article: Putting the Fundamental Principle to Work

As you change your internal world to match your ideal, making changes in your outside world will only help the process by anchoring your new beliefs to the physical world.  We’ll talk allot more about anchors in other sections.  For now, think of it like this, if you hated your job, and then decided to get a better one by becoming great at your current one, what good would it do you if you refused the better one when it came along?  We anchor our internal world in our external world, first improving our attitude, second improving our situation. The best practices approach uses of both techniques, starting at the inside and working outward to the world that surrounds us.  We change what we are like, and then the outside world aligns with the way we are, and the life we want congeals all around us.  Our internal attitudes become the seed around which our situation grows.

Using the Fundamental Principle

“Focus on Fundamentals!”  If you hear me shout, “Focus on Fundamentals” 10,000 times it still won’t be emphasized enough!  I am little more than a tour guide on this journey into your highest truth,  and as your guide I work for you, stand beside you asking, “What are you being like?  What do you want to be like?” Then I shout, “FOCUS ON FUNDAMENTALS!” (I’m a guide who sometimes shouts :-)  Every time you find yourself being alive, pause for a moment and focus on fundamentals by saying to yourself and then asking, “FOCUS ON FUNDAMENTALS:  What are you being like?  What do you want to be like? Likes align and congeal, What am I being like?  What do I want to be like?”  Memorize that phrase, say it to yourself ten thousand times everyday, “Likes align and congeal.  What am I being Like?  What do I want to be like?” 

Who you are, what you are being like on the inside determines what your outside becomes.  Your situation does not determine your feelings, your feelings determine your situation!  Happiness comes to happy people.  Smiling faces find smiles everywhere!  It is not riches, or houses, or possessions which create happiness, happiness creates riches!  Find your happiness inside of you and everywhere you look you will see it reflected back at you.  “Likes align and congeal, What are you being like?  What do you want to be like?”  You are currently, as you read this, a person who is being like a person on an adventure, an adventure towards fulfilling the living dream!  You are powerful, motivated, and inspired to create within yourself the happiness you know you deserve!

Getting off to a Quick Start

“Focus on Fundamentals!”  If you come to a workshop with me you’ll find me walking around shouting, “Focus on Fundamentals” at random intervals.  I will stop people at any given moment and ask, “What are you being like?  What do you want to be like?”  I’m not there with you, so you’re going to have to learn to do this on your own.  Catch yourself and ask yourself, “What am I being like?” Say to yourself, “Likes align and Congeal: what do I want to be like?”  What you are being like today is determining what you will experience tomorrow, but this is a toolkit, not a one trick pony!

You’re going to need more than just one tool to get off on the fast track to experiencing life at your best!  So let’s keep going by getting acquainted with the Basics…


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