QS7 3.1 - The Fundamental Principle: “It Works for You No Matter What”

By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

The Fundamental Principle: (part 2)


“It Works for You No Matter What”

This principle has been at work in your life since the moment you came into being.  It does not care what you like or dislike, it only cares what you are like.  Your friends, your loves, your job, your health, all these things and habits are the physical representation of what you are like on the spiritual level.  Your life is your spirit made manifest.  This principle insists that you get what you earn, that people who are in alignment with you will come into your life, you will get more of what you already have.

  Did you ever notice how successful business people often join business associations where they can gather with other successful people?  Or how recovering alcoholics are benefited so greatly by attending groups with other recovering alcoholics?  Or that at gyms and health clubs, the people are often very healthy gathered together doing the activities which make them fit?  Or that in a bag of chips, the small broken bits gather together at the bottom, and the big unbroken ones at the top?

What’s that last one there, a bag of chips?  Of course the little ones go to the bottom, they are smaller, and it is natural that they sink to the bottom and gather together with little chips of similar shape and size.  How does that show the principle?  How do little chips sinking to the bottom of a bag relate to rich people living in rich neighborhoods or joining clubs with other rich people?  Do you see it?

Let’s stick for moment with the examples all around us and then we’ll look at how this applies to our individual situations.  The Fundamental Principle doesn’t care, it isn’t conscious, it is a simply a matter of fact.  Look for a moment at the picture to the left, of course the grass is gathered together, the people on the path gathered and aligned, but look at the trees, do you see how perfectly they have gathered themselves into neat rows?  That is because they have been planted in rows!  They have been groomed and manicured to grow in neat rows, humans have influenced them, but what is important here is that the humans have influenced them in accord with the Fundamental Universal Principle.  Regardless of the how or the why, it has occurred, the trees have aligned and come together.

The Fundamental Principle Doesn’t Care:

It is so simple it can be elusive.  Like so many things right in front of our noses, it can be difficult to see.  We aren’t looking at the how or the why, simply the fact.  Unlike the trees in the preceding image, the trees to the right were not planted to all grow in similar groups, nor groomed to grow in neat rows, yet they have done so without anyone’s help.  They have grown in this way because of the way they are.  The simplicity of this can make it hard to see:  Every aspect of your life is the way it is because of the way you are. 

The way you are is creating everything you are experiencing; the Fundamental Principle insists on this, it will allow nothing else.  What you are like on the inside, how you see yourself will insist that its reflection be seen on the outside.  If your spirit is full, your life will be full.  If you have a rich attitude, you will be rich.  The Fundamental Principle insists on this.

The Fundamental Principle States simply: “Likes Align and Congeal”.  To be clear and exact it states, “That which is alike will have a tendency to come into alignment and gather together.”  Slow down for a moment, a massive door has just been opened in front of you, a door which holds the key to the knowledge you have always had.  Apply this simple idea to your life for just an instant, The Universe Insists that the rich get richer the same way it insists that water flows to the ocean.  The key here is becoming like the way you want to be.  In other articles we’re going to be going through some very exact programs and step-by-steps for creating your life as an experience of you at your best, for now, let’s understand the Fundamental Principle a little further.

What Guides the Fundamental Principle:

Once you understand that the Fundamental Principle is an active process of constantly aligning and congealing with those persons and things which you like, you will naturally come to ask, “What guides this?  What determines what I am like?”  The answer again is so simple it can be a little tricky to see, what you are like on the inside determines what you will experience on the outside, and what you experience on the outside will influence what you are like on the inside.  The distinction here is that the inside determines the outside, and outside merely influences the inside.

In the next section we’ll take a look at how this cycle of the Inside determining the Outside and the Outside influencing the inside functions…


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