QS7 3.0 - The Fundamental Principle: Likes Align and Congeal

By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

The Fundamental Principle: (part 1)

Likes Align and Congeal


Things generally tend to work out best when built one step at a time.  There are two phrases you’ll be reminded of throughout the pages of Full Spirit if you master these two phrases, these are the two master keys in the toolkit of life:  “Focus on Fundamentals” and “Back to Basics”.   These two key phrases form the foundations for all the areas we’ll be focusing on.  Regardless of the focus, the fundamentals and basics are the same, threading themselves continually through every aspect of life.  Building a successful relationship, a healthy body, a personal fortune, all begins by Focusing on the Fundamentals and getting Back to the Basics…

Allow me the privilege of being repetitive for a moment if you will, to be very clear here, building a multimillion dollar enterprise is done through the same fundamentals and basics as improving your diet or building your connection with the ones you love.  These same simple concepts repeated over and over, build the castle of your life the same way 10,000 bricks repeated over and over create a glorious cathedral. 

You might ask, “If it’s so simple, Why doesn’t everyone have it all already?”  Simply put, most people are using the fundamentals and basics to create the life they don’t want! Could it be more simple than that? 

The Fundamental Principle Explained:

Let’s first look at the Fundamental Principle.  It’s called, “The Fundamental Principle,” and it is working every instant with or without or influence.  The Fundamental Principle is the overriding law at work in each and every aspect of our lives.  It is so simple, so basic, so universally true it governs everything everywhere.  This principle works with or without any effort on our part, it only makes sense to use it to our advantage.  

The Fundamental Guiding Principle of the Universe is this: “Likes Align and Congeal.”  This can be seen everywhere you care to look, it is pervasive.  It is written over and over on every page of Nature’s Bible, things which are alike have a tendency to align with one another and gather together.  Think for an instant of a grassy meadow, hundreds of thousands of stalks of grass standing side by side all reaching towards the sun. The grass in the meadow seems to be gathered together, at the edge of the meadow the trees seem to be gathered together, beyond them, the rocks seem to be so similar all gathered together, and even there in the meadow amidst the grass we see the people gathered together.  Over and over we see this repeat itself in nature, with or without or effort things which are alike naturally gather together.

Reflect for a moment on a flowing stream, millions of droplets of water gathered together flowing towards the oceans.  The trees gather at the side of the stream, the sand and pebbles at the bottom, the water all together, this is what it means when we say: “Likes Congeal”.  Then look at the water itself, how it all flows the same direction, or the trees which all grow the same direction, this it what it means when we say, “Likes Align”.  The Fundamental Principle states that, “Likes Align and Congeal.”  When we say Align, we mean that those things which are alike will have a tendency to move in the same direction towards the same goal, they travel together.  When we say congeal we mean to say that those things which are alike will have a tendency towards coming together. 

My favorite place to see this is the beach.  The beach so perfectly illustrates the Universal Law that it is hard to miss!  It is important to understand that this is the Universal Principle, it governs things which are conscious as well as it governs things which are unconscious.  Look for a moment at this image of the beach, what do you see?  Houses of similar design are all grouped together, the people have gathered together on the beach doing similar activities, the water has grouped together moving in similar way, and the sand has gathered together at the waters edge.  The sand is so special, every grain so similar, yet unique and individual, just like the people, all so similar, yet so distinct and individual.  Such the same for the waves, each wave distinct, unique and doing so much the same as all the other waves.  Likes align and Congeal, conscious or not, with or without effort, this Fundamental Universal law applies everywhere we care to look. 

It Works for You No Matter What:

This principle has been at work in your life since the moment you came into being.  It does not care what you like or dislike, it only cares what you are like.  Your friends, your loves, your job, your health, all these things and habits are the physical representation of what you are like on the inside.  Your life is your Spirit manifesting all around you.  This principle insists that you get what you earn, that people who are in alignment with you will come into your life, you will get more of what you already have.

Let’s go a little further and look at exactly how and why the Fundamental Principle is guiding and influencing every aspect of your life, and always has been…


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