QS7 2.1 - Practical Examples of the GET Cycle

By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

The GET Cycle: (part 2)

Practical Examples of GET

 GETting the most out of life means applying practical, proven techniques to create lasting change and growth in every aspect of life.  Get the most out of life by Growing – Empowering – and Training yourself to advance, one level after another, growing closer and closer to your highest truth.

 Throughout these pages you’ll begin to see how this cycle of Growing – Empowering – Training repeats itself over and over in your life, rapidly leading you towards accomplishing all your goals.  The GET formula is simple and straightforward, and more importantly, it works!  Let’s take a look at a practical example of how it functions:

Example of Growing, Empowering, and Training:

Let’s look at a short example of how Growing, Empowering, and Training tie together.  Injuries limit our abilities until they heal. The poverty mindset can be regarded as an injury to the Spirit.  The poverty mindset sees only the worst, there is never enough, want increases, debt increases, and desire overwhelms. The impoverished Spirit finds itself over and over insisting on being poor getting poorer and poorer.  So much so that if an impoverished Spirit wins the lottery, it would become poor again within a short time, their spirit insists on it.  This is out of accord with the natural flow, in nature everything which exists seeks to flourish. 

Some Spirits may become so deeply afflicted with Impoverishment, that they cannot even conceptualize not being in a state of want, it is literally all they know.  Everything Grows, and continues to grow, so they grow poorer and poorer, deeper and deeper into debt and want.  They loose what little they have.  Meanwhile, a person in total poverty with a Rich Spirit sees only the good, they see the sunrise (for free!) they drink in the pleasure of every breath (for free!) they are delighted in conversing with friends (for free!) and they take care of every little resource they have as if it were a priceless treasure.  This person, born into poverty unknown to most, finds joy and delight in everything they do and experience because of their Spiritual Riches, and reality responds in accord. 

Although they have few resources, they take such good care of them, that little by little they accumulate personal wealth.  They are so delighted with the chance to be alive that they are kind and friendly to all they meet and the universe responds by giving them a wonderful relationship and family.  They grow richer in Spirit and circumstance because Circumstance and Situation always follow Spirit.

Let’s go back to our first person in this example, the person who insists that they are poor and destined to be poor.  The G of the GET cycle will work for them without any effort, they insist that they are going to be poor, and they Grow Poorer still, unless…

…unless they activate the E of the GET cycle by becoming Empowered.  They must break the downward spiral by first Empowering their beliefs, “I don’t have to be poor.  I don’t have to focus on my poorness, after all there is much which is good in my life.”  Those few simple sentences shift everything, now they have stepped onto the path of Growing for the better.  They’ve Empowered themselves with new, stronger, and more positive beliefs. Now they are headed in the right direction and it is time to Grow their circumstance and situation until it matches their new positive  beliefs.  This brings us to the third step of how we change our beliefs into our circumstance, we must actively Train our minds and actions until our situation, our beliefs, and our circumstance are all in accord with one another.  This is the same in Relationships, Health, and wealth, Training is the “T” and final step in the GET cycle.

While at first it was difficult for this person to believe in themselves, to believe that they didn’t have to be poor, in a short time they became empowered to the point that they felt they deserved more than poverty.  Now the cycle of training takes hold, and they begin to research, study, learn and practice the techniques of becoming wealthy. 

A Real World Example:

Is it so simple as that?  The answer is yes.  Life is a process of perpetual unfolding.  If you study the lives of successful multi-millionaires, you will be hard pressed to find one who made their fortune through, “Get Rich Quick” schemes.  Such the same for health and relationships, it would be difficult to find many that made great success in short miraculous bursts.  The truth of the game of life is that it is an unfolding process.  The GET cycle takes this into account, we must determine which direction our life is to unfold in and make tiny little strides in that direction day after day culminating in the massive successes we seek.

Sound unrealistic?  Multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki was totally broke living in a car with his wife when he decided he had enough with being impoverished.  He took three jars, one for charity, one for living expenses, and one for savings.  He had exactly .63 cents left to his name.  He literally put .21cents in each jar!  Even more amazing is that he gave away .21cents to a homeless person as a declaration to the Universe that he was wealthy and that charity was possible even with less then a dollar to his name!

Fifteen years later he has passed the deca-millionaire level and become one of the most respected authorities on wealth building in the world.  Timelife books, CNN, MSNBC all feature him regularly.  Homeless, broke, no place to g, no ideas on deck, and he set out on the GET cycle with style and grace.  Step by step, starting with no cash, no home, no computer, just his solid intention and determination to grow his fortune, empowered beliefs, and the dedication to keep training at it one step at a time.

A Summary of the GET Cycle:

Like a weightlifter repeating the same exercises over and over, gradually increasing the weight each time the weight gets too easy,  quickly becomes very strong, you are now well on your journey towards creating and fulfilling the life of your dreams. This isn’t an overnight thing, and Full Spirit is going to be here with you ever step of the way.  It doesn’t matter where you want to start first, we’ve designed practical worksheets and exercises for every person, on every level. 

By simply being here, reading any of these articles on any page, you are declaring to the Universe that you’ve made the choice to Grow in a positive direction.  These articles will challenge, inspire, and empower you to see things in new ways, to set higher standards for yourself, and to make the choice to come into the truth of the wonderful person you already are. I know without a doubt in my mind that you have a special place in this Universe, that you are a part of this miracle of creation we all share.  I know without a doubt in my mind that if you are willing to empower yourself to believe that at your highest truth you are a living breathing miracle that nothing is out of your reach!  Most of all, I’m happy to be here beside you as you journey towards Experiencing Life at Your best!.

With the GET Cycle in tow, let’s take a look at how the Fundamental Principle of the Universe guides everything we experience…


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