QS7 2.0 - The GET Cycle

By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

The GET Cycle: (part 1)

What makes a rich spirit return to riches even if they loose everything?  What makes a fit spirit return to fitness even if injured?  I wanted to learn the laws of the Human Spirit and proof of how they work in the material world.  If I could understand why the Rich get Richer, then perhaps I could help a poor person become wealthy.  I set out to  build a toolkit that anyone could use to build their life into their living dream come true.  The first of these tools is called the GET cycle, and pervades all the other lessons you here. 

 GETting the most out of life means living your dream come true, applying practical, proven techniques to create lasting change and growth in every aspect of your life.  GET what you’ve always wanted.  GET the life you truly deserve.  GET the riches, the health, the beauty, the vitality, the relationships.  GET everything you’ve every dreamt of by giving your truth to the world.  GET is the first formula we uncovered.  GET = Growing – Empowering – Training.  Get the most out of life through Growing – Empowering – and Training yourself to advance, one level after another, growing closer and closer to your highest truth.

 Throughout these pages you’ll begin to see how this cycle of Growing – Empowering – Training repeats itself over and over in your life, rapidly leading you towards accomplishing all your goals. Block after block will be removed, and a gradually a new world will open up to you, a world where it seems like you are dreaming out loud, living your dream come true, living in your highest truth every moment of everyday. The GET formula is simple and straightforward, and more importantly, it works! 

 G - Growing: The First Step is Growing

Your life is an open ended adventure, and it’s up to you to GET the most out of it.  All living things are constantly growing, changing both physically and mentally.  Throughout your life adventure you will given thousands of opportunities to learn new skills, challenge old beliefs, and acquire new ways of seeing the world around you.  We always building on what we have done, where we have been, what we have built, always moving forward and growing. 

Blockages, injuries, illnesses can sidetrack the growth process and we may grow more addicted, grow more dependent, and possibly even grow weaker, nonetheless we are forever growing in one of two directions.  Either we grow stronger and brighter, or we grow sicker and weaker, no matter what, if we are alive, we are growing. There are articles here at Full Spirit which will help you in finding and removing your unique blockages, by growing with them, growing beyond them, growing in spite of them. 

Think of any tree anywhere, if it becomes injured a knot grows around the injury, making the tree stronger through growth.  The damage is accepted and in time the new growth is stronger than ever before.  Every woodworker will tell you, the knot is the hardest part of the tree.”  Such the same for all our physical and emotional injuries, scar tissue is stronger than the original tissue, a mended bone is stronger and thicker than before it broke, a lesson well learned from a brutal failure is lesson not to be forgotten. In the lessons you’ll be learning and the exercises you’ll be practicing, you’ll be actively growing new abilities to replace old injuries.

It’s up to you, it’s your life to do with as you please.  You can choose to grow in whatever way you want.  The only choice you don’t have, is wither or not you will grow and change.  Nature insists that you will grow one way or the other -  either grow stronger, richer, more vital, more enthusiastic, or grow weaker, sicker, poorer, and more exhausted.  Nature insists that you will grow, the only constant is change, and which direction you grow is entirely up to you.  Since you’re here reading this, I figure you’ve already decided which direction you’re growing, so let’s GET you some more tools to aid you along your path towards growing Stronger, Richer, Happier, Friendlier, Healthier, after all, it’s pretty much a never end road where your happiness knows no limits!  So let’s GET started empowering you!

E - Empowering:

The Second Step is Empowerment

There are two factors which limit our ability to create the living dream: 1st - Our beliefs limit us.  We are forever limited by what we believe we can do or accomplish. If you foresee the worst, and believe you cannot do something, you have almost no chance of success before you even begin!  2nd - We are limited by our situation, circumstances and resources. 

Understanding that you can do and accomplish anything you set you mind and heart on is only half the journey.  The second half is actually accomplishing it!  You will grow, that is the nature of life, Empowerment means that you have made the choice to grow for the better, to improve you circumstance and situation day after day.

The most important distinction:  it is a journey, not a destination.  Along the way you will set goals, challenges, and accomplishments for yourself.  Once you reach these goals you will set new ones.  You see, nature insists that we grow in one of two directions, for the better or for the worse.  It is the journey which does not end.  What point is it to set a goal, achieve it, only to begin growing for the worse after you achieve your goal?  Empowering yourself is part of a never-ending cycle.  Each time you achieve your goal, arrive at your destination, you will set your standards higher.  The important distinction is that you are GETting nowhere!  You never arrive!  It is the journey of Growing and empowering yourself to new heights which is the destination.

T - Training: The Third Step is Training

The third step in the cycle is Training.  In the training stage we begin to solidify the new beliefs into patterns of behavior and action through reinforcing them over and over.  Empowering means asking more and more of ourselves, training means repeating the new actions and living the new beliefs until they become effortless habits.

  Runners and athletes of all types understand this very well.  Take for example the marathon runner, first they must believe they can run a marathon, next they begin the process of training by running a little at a time over and over.  When a certain distance becomes easy, they add more distance.  Once they are able to run a marathon, they now empower further by believing they can run a marathon faster. 

This same idea can be applied to the impoverished Spirit example, first and with great effort they seek to see the abundance in their life, second they practice some simple and repetitive exercises, increasing the intensity as it gets easier and easier. This might mean, saving $1 dollar a week in a jar in the closet, when this gets easy, they jump up to five dollars a week, when this gets easy we might switch from the jar to a bank account and jump up to $10 dollars a week, on and on it goes. This is training.

Next we’re going to take a look at few examples of how this actually works in the real world, so GET ready!  Here we go…


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