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By Daniel • November 6th, 2007

Science and Spirit Unite: (part 2)

Science Versus Popular Science

Before we go any further we need to get over the hurdle of popular science.  Here’s what happens over and over, the Scientific community has very rigid standards for peer review, and very specific approved publications.  To get published into the Scientific community, something has to be reviewed, verified, tested, re-reviewed, re-verified, published for review, and on and on until enough scientists have reviewed and verified it, only then it can get published as a Scientific Article.  These Scientific Journals are very difficult to read and very dense, not very entertaining.

The mainstream publishing world doesn’t have the same needs for verification.  Mainstream publications fall into the category of the “Popular Press” and don’t need proof, they just need to cite the source.  In other words, they don’t need to print things approved by the Scientific Community, they just need to say who wrote the article. 

These Popular Press articles enter the mainstream long before the scientific community approves anything.  Years, sometimes decades before the review process concludes, the popular press is already treating something as fact.  Cold Fusion is a good example of this, even powerful international publications like Time, Newsweek, USA Today all published articles that Cold Fusion had been discovered and the world’s energy problems had been solved.  The whole world was celebrating, meanwhile, Science Digest was saying just the opposite, saying that the controls weren’t verified.

For over a year the Popular Press celebrated the coming era of Cold Fusion, then when the Scientific Journals proved it was a hoax, the story just disappeared.  The Era of Quantum physics started about 30 years ago, and has only recently been accepted by the Scientific Community.  So for thirty years, the popular press has used the word Quantum with just about everything under the sun.  A week doesn’t pass when I don’t hear someone say, “Quantum Physics says that…” and about 90% of the time they just insert whatever the heck they want and say Quantum Physics proves it!  That is the nature of popular science.  At Full Spirit we are more interested in the real deal, the true Science of Success and Spirit. 

Science and Spirit Unite!

Science and spirit are reuniting because Quantum Physics has changed the scientific paradigm, and now science wants to get back together with Spirit.  The Quantum Paradigm proves that, “The Observer Influences the Observed.”  This is a major discovery in science.  It means that our consciousness is now proven to extend beyond our bodies.  It means that what we choose to notice becomes truly affected by our noticing it.

“You said Spirit and Science unite in this article, you gave a concept, not a scientific definition, What is Spirit?“  Let’s get to get to the heart of things, Spirit is Energy Married to Consciousness.

The new Quantum Paradigm allows us to say conclusively that the observer influences the observed, for the first time ever, we now have Scientific Proof that the Spirit exists!  It gets better, we can now say, and even measure the fact that our Intentions and Observations Influence the very fabric of reality!  That’s huge!

Everything Science is showing us points to the fact that our consciousness is influencing everything it is exposed to.  As you come to understand that you are the center of your personal Universe, you will come to see yourself as more than an actor on the stage of life, you are the creator, the builder, the play writer, and the actor in your personal play of life.  What you choose to experience, what you choose to see and create are all up to you, every step of the way.  If you want to go deeper in this thread, I want to encourage you to click here: The Nature of Spirit, which will explain more about how energy and consciousness combine to create spirit.

What Does it mean that Science and Spirit Unite?

Spirit is the currency of Dreams.  I mean this very literally.  There is a line from a very popular recent film that says, “The Universe doesn’t care if you want to create a button, or a castle, to the Universe it is all the same.”  This simply isn’t true.  Modern science is making huge inroads into understanding how we convert Spirit and intention into the world around us.  One thing is for certain, Spirit functions in a way very similar to the way currency functions.

This means that a small amount of Spirit can be used to create small things, while at the same time it takes a large amount of Spirit to accomplish large things.  Think back for a moment at the example with the lesser team defeating the greater team, the larger the difference in skills, the more Spirit it takes to overcome the divide. 

 When we say that Science and Spirit are Uniting, we are referring to this ancient (rediscovered) Science of cultivating, building, and converting Spirit into our material dreams and desires.  Yes, I do mean Science.  This article is very early on in the Full Spirit series’, a primer to get you acquainted with the idea that what you’ll be learning here isn’t simply theory, it is in fact an ancient science.  These techniques are ancient, mystical, scientific, proven, and have been used to build our civilizations.  You are going to be learning the practical, proven techniques for cultivating more Spirit, purer Spirit, and converting that Spirit into whatever you wish! 

Remember simply this: Spirit is Energy Married to Consciousness and may be used to create whatever your wish.  So the first steps and questions are logically and clearly:  1.  What does that mean “Energy married to Consciousness”?  2.  How can I get more Spirit?  3.  How do I convert Spirit into the material world?

Good Questions!  For now, let’s take the first steps in understanding the process of How to GET everything you every desired from your experience of life:  Quick Start 2 - The GET Cycle…

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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