Greetings from Daniel 11-12-07

By Daniel • November 12th, 2007

Greetings from Daniel: 11.12.07

Making some changes in the Timeline

Yikes!  It has been a whirlwind month, year, week, day…  Everything is moving along so quickly around here, I feel like I can barely keep up, and I’m in charge!  I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement over the last few months, as you know, Full Spirit isn’t actually open to the public yet, so if you’re here, you are among the friends and family of Full Spirit and of course, lil ole’ me, Daniel. 

Developing in a live environment presents a whole set of advantages, along with a whole set of challenges and obstacles.  I really want to again stress how valuable to me your feedback and support has been, the project wouldn’t be the same without all of you!  I want to take a second to encourage you to start posting comments.  Last week I added the ability for you to post comments on any article you like.  When you do, I get an immediate email telling me someone has posted a comment!  So write your thoughts about the article and share them with the other users.

Over the last months, I’ve been calling this phase the sandbox phase, but now I realize it really isn’t there yet.  I want to share something with you all this week, Full Spirit is growing much faster than expected.  I’ll show you a chart next week, you’ll be surprised at how much we’ve grown for not even being open yet!  Right now, Full Spirit is averaging 100 readers per day!  That’s way ahead of schedule!  So again I thank you guys for getting the word out and encourage you to keep spreading the good news.

Sandbox Phase is Now: Embryonic Phase

I like to think of Full Spirit as my baby, and know I see that this infant is not yet born.  I was saying, “I feel like my baby is beginning to crawl,” now I see that my baby is still just forming its legs and feet.  So I’ve renamed this phase, the Embryonic Phase.  You see, many of the functional elements are still forming.  At this pint I feel like I am still just sharing the sonogram images you you guys, my friends and family.  Of course, I still hope you will all keep sharing Full Spirit with your friends and families, but I needed to relieve some of the pressure.

It’s now November, I had planned for about 10 readers a day, a few hundred a month for November.  But, we’re ten times that already!  This has created an odd, unexpected pressure on me.  Having thousands of people see my as yet unborn baby, is wonderful, magnificent, yet unexpected.

Supporters and Guests

Some of you have already become, “Supporters” of the project, actively helping to get the word out, keeping up with every new post, and I love it!  This post is really for you all, to let you in on the new timeline.  Here’s what’s shifted:  The opening date is shifting from: December 7, 2007 to February 14, 2008.  I’m calling Valentines Day 2008 the Full Spirit due date.  Thinking of the project as a formative baby, we can expect it to be born on Valentines Day.

The official Sandbox Phase will then start on Valentines Day, and continue until Google ranks “Full Spirit” #1 when you type in: “Full Spirit”.  Currently, we rank #5 when you type in, “FullSpirit” without the space.  It’s that little space between “Full” and “Spirit” which is causing some headaches.  The Google algorithms are competing us with everyone who uses the word “Spirit” if you search with the space.   So, it might take some time until we earn the top position.

The Soft Opening will then be on July 4, 2008, and I will need all the support we can muster to make the soft opening huge!

After that, the Grand Opening will be later in the fall, timed with the ending of the sandbox phase.

There you have it, the updated timeline!

New this Week:

This week has been huge and there are few new developments for you.  First: Weekly video viewer update - the weekly videos have moved to the top slot on the homepage and a new viewer has been built, debugged, streamlined, cleaner and more reliable.

Second: I get my own personal blog section.  In the middle of the page you see my picture, from now on I will post weekly, or more often my own thoughts. 

Third: The coming soon section. In the middle of the page the hammer icon is now the coming soon section.  Every week you’ll get a glance of what’s in store for the next week as I keep you updated on my week by week developers blog.

Fourth: Finally the standardized Monday updates start.  From now on, Full Spirit will update every Monday morning.

Fifth: Last but no least 9 new articles are going up this week!  The Quick Start 7 series is almost done.  It has been taking me forever to get all the graphics finished, but it’s almost done now with 9 new posts on: The Five Forces and The Laws of Attraction.

Tons of love, I’ll look forward to your comments throughout the coming weeks!


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