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By Daniel • November 26th, 2007

Developer’s Corner for the week Nov. 26-Dec. 3

The many faces of support.  Funny things have been happening since I launched Full Spirit.  The Universe has been showing me over and over just how true and powerful the Principles in these lessons are.

One principle we’ll be talking about is the concept of “Persistence.”  Sometimes, you just have to keep grinding away at something, making small, tiny progress, until suddenly, out of the blue something big happens. 

In the case of Full Spirit, this couldn’t be more true.  You see, technology changes fast, super fast.  I stepped out of the technology game for three years to work on the Harbin Temple.  When I came back into technology to build Full Spirit, everything had changed.  Not just a little either, it had changed completely!

Let me explain, Websites are coded in a computer language.  That means, in order for a website to work, there is an underlying source code written in a language computers can understand, the computer reads that code and turns it into a web page.  You can use the “view source” function in your browser to see the code for any webpage.  In some cases, the code for a one page may be 10 pages long! 

What that means in practical terms is this: Every time I write a piece, every time I put up a video, every article, image, graphic, clickable link, etc.  I must also write a computer code to display it correctly. 

Here’s where it gets interesting, in those three years I stepped away from technology, they changed the code!  Completely!  Literally, they changed the language in which the code is written, about the only thing that stayed the same is the alphabet and the numbers, everything else changed, it doesn’t even function in the same way anymore, it’s an entirely new game.

Persistence Pays Off:

This is Full Spirit, and the mission is to uplift and empower people all over the world.  So, just because I had to learn a new language I persisted.  Here’s the catch, when you learn a new language, you don’t speak very well at first, with time you get better, but for a good long time, you make tons of mistakes.  It’s the same with computers.  So there I was, struggling to make the project come to life.  Month after month I just kept at it.  Tons of mistakes, some of you may remember them!  Links that went no where, videos that didn’t work, graphics that fell apart, articles that got stranded… 

But I persisted.  In the Five Forces Series, you learn about the Force of Inertia - Things in Motion tend to stay in motion, things at rest tend to stay at rest.  This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing with Full Spirit!  It was at rest and it wanted to stay at rest!  I pushed and pushed and it just didn’t want to move.  But I stayed dedicated and determined, and the Law of Attraction says that, “If I am dedicated and determined, I will attract dedicated and determined people towards me.” Dedication is a tricky thing, the only way to prove your dedicated is to actually do for some time, so I did. 

POW!  Somehow, the people who could support started to show up one after another, dedicated, determined people.  My struggling with the new language was made up for by Darren Hoyt’s mastery of it.  Darren did Crutchfield’s Sony section, he’s a major big league designer.  He donated the entire framework code of the Full Spirit site and has been teaching me how to modify and customize it! 

There are a bunch of others who’ve been helping as well, and I’ll write more about each of them soon.  For now I wanted to send a special thank you to Darren Hoyt for being my translator and guide!

Coming Next Week Quick Start 7 pdf:

This week you get the Intro and Summary of the Quick Start 7.  Now, I am working on the downloadable version of the entire series.  It looks like it will run about 90 pages, and be available in PDF format.

The reformatting is actually turning out to be more work than I thought it would be, so I don’t know if it will be available next week or not.  I’ll sure try to get it up!  My big goal on that is to make sure it’s up before Christmas, so you can print it out and give it as a gift if you’d like.  Right now it prints really nice, and there’s a cover and everything, so it could make a really nice inexpensive present for people you love.

A note on the printable version:  It is interesting reading the series in the different formats.  Seeing it in 1000 word chunks on screen is great, but having the hardcopy, holding it in your hands, writing on it, taking notes, seeing it as one long piece is even better.  Even if you’ve read all of it, I suggest you print it out next week and see how different it reads and feels.

The Elevated 8 Series Begins next Week:

I’m also super excited to launch the Elevated 8 series next week. I’ve been working diligently on the articles and will now begin the process of editing them down and graphicking them up.  In the Elevated 8 series you’ll begin to really get down to applying and using the tools as well as getting some fresh tools.  Every article in the series includes a printable worksheet, so get ready, the Elevated 8 series launches next week!

The Quick Start 7 Podcasts:

Are you ready for some audio?  I love audio books! I especially love audio self help / self improvement stuff.  I listen to some motivational speaker nearly every single day.  If you’re a big fan of this sort of stuff have I got a treat for you!  The entire Quick Start Seven will be available in streaming audio online (listen at your computer), or downloadable audio (play in your portable or make a disc and play it anywhere). 

I’ve made the first tests, and am ready to plow into this side of production this week!  We’ve got the equipment now, and have set up our home recording studio, so the audio formats are right around the corner!  We’ll see how smoothly the Quick Start Seven pdf goes, once it’s done, then I’ll start releasing about 4 audio programs per week!

That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoy the new articles!  Keep sending your prayers, blessings, good vibes, and emails!

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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