Coming Next Week 11-26-07

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

Under Development for the week Nov. 19-26

I’m still getting the hang of this weekly update section.  The whole idea of this Developer’s Corner is to give you a week by week look at what to expect for the coming week.  I think I’d also like to give you a glimpse into some of the challenges in some of the added features we’re developing.   

All seven of the Quick Start Articles are now done and available.  In total, it prints out at 80+ pages with almost 100 graphics!  This week, I’m working on the Introduction and Summary for the Quick Start Seven, so you can look forward to those next week!

Quick Start Seven Downloadable Versions:

With the Quick Start articles nearing completion and only the summary and introduction left, I now get to shift my focus to preparing the downloadable, audio, and video versions.  Anybody want to write a forward for me?  I think the ebook would be nice with a forward written by someone else.

So next week, you can look forward to the introduction and summary coming out as well as the first article in the Elevated 8 series.  In about two weeks, I’ll be releasing the downloadable format.  In this version, you’ll be able to get the entire series in one coherent printable version with no adds and no need to click!  In the end, it should run at just over 90 pages!  All for free!

One hurdle has presented itself (you guys love to hear about the hurdles I’m told), which is, every single graphic has to be redone!  The series has over 100 graphic elements, and for the downloadable version they all have to be reformatted.  How’s that for a minor hiccup?

That’s it for this week’s coming soon section, tune in next week to hear more about the upcoming audio section of the site!

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