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By Daniel • November 4th, 2007

An Update From Daniel

Whew!  It has been nuts around here lately.  What you are looking at is such a work in progress, I am really reluctant to share it yet, but, you guys all seem to enjoy the whole watch it as it grows thing, so here we go! 

The new look is coming along and has been filled with difficulties and obstacles, as we prepare for the opening party next month.  Basically here is what’s been happening:  I’ve come to a bit of a crossroads with Full Spirit.  There is a thing called Validation, if a page is valid, it means that it works the same on every computer and is handicap accessible.

The design idea I’ve been working with is sometimes called the sculpture method of design.  It works pretty simply like this: Build too much, then carve it back to the elements you really like.  The same way you carve a sculpture into marble or stone.  I really liked the former look and feel of Full Spirit, the design gave me tons of control over every single element on the page, but, it wasn’t valid code.  The idea was to keep building and building, then in March, go through a month long cycle designed to validate the whole thing all at once. 

Then came along Darren Hoyt, who offered me a valid version available immediately, and Christopher Alexander who offered a new model of design, the Unfolding Design.  This unfolding model of design is exactly the opposite of the Sculpture model.  In the Unfolding Model, we begin with a valid design, very cut down, streamlined, almost a skeleton,  pure function!  From this pure function design, we build up as we go along, every step of the way making sure to add valid upgrades.

 Hence the crossroads.  One one side, I continue down the path the way things are, a gorgeous web design that gets the job done for 80% of the computer users out there, and the other side, a simplified version that get’s the job done on 100% of the computers out there.

What would you choose?  The most good for the most people means we need to be 100% compliant and valid…

It’s tricky to let go of a design you spent months and months on.  It’s also pretty tricky to migrate into an entirely new format.  You see, in this new version, everything is different from a functional point of view.  The site works entirely different.  It isn’t just aesthetically different, thanks to Darren’s great streamlined code, the whole thing works completely different.  For me it’s a bit like going from 5th grade to college overnight!

So here we go, completely changing everything over in a live environment, completely reworking the look, feel and function of the entire site. 

Timelines are all screwy now, features we wanted to release last month are still a month away, and the traffic is coming in night and day.  Pressure!

On the lighter side, there are 7 new articles in the batters box getting ready to release any day now, and over 70 videos waiting in the wings. 

Also, I now have comments enabled so you can let me know what you think right here on the site!

Thanks for all your support everyone!

Love Daniel!

Daniel is the founder and creator of Full Spirit and the Pillars of Success Series.
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