11-26 Greeting from Daniel

By Daniel • November 26th, 2007

Greetings from Daniel: 11.26.07

Did you see that cat giving that dog a massage?

I love this week’s video!  That little kitten giving that dog a massage just melts my heart every time I watch it!  I want to thank Cosmos for the musical contribution.  In all the videos, and podcasts, Cosmos provided the intro and outro music.  I wanted to give you a bigger sample of his work, so I added it to the Cat giving the Dog a Massage Video.

Quick Start 7 Introduction and Summary Now Available!

For those of you who have been following the Quick Start 7 Series, you’ll be excited to check out the new introduction I’m adding this week.  Introductions are historically the hardest part to write, you write them before you do a piece, rewrite them while you do the piece, and then rewrite them again after you finish!  The Intro to the Full Spirit Quick Start Seven is no different.  I first wrote it about 7 months ago and it ran over 20 pages!  I’ve rewritten it so many times, my beloved partner and fiancé can just about recite it by heart.  Last week, I thought I could polish it off in a few hours.  To no one’s surprise but my own, it took three full 8 hour days!  In the end, that 20 page introduction has been culled down to just one short post and I am actually pretty happy with it.

Quick Start Summary Now Available:

Last week turned out to be a monster on the work front for me.  The Introduction took ten times as long as I had planned, so it was more 6 am sessions to get the summary done.  The summary came out pretty good, as you read through it, I think you’ll really begin to see how the 7 Quick Start tools work together.

There’s something about having all seven tools in one post that really ties them all together neatly.  I guess that’s why you’d call it a summary!  You can check it out here: The Summary of the Full Spirit Quick Start Seven.  Leave some comments and let me know what you think!

Thank You for the Support:

I want to close my post this week with a thank you going out to all of you.  I know things have been a little buggy in this early stage of the project, and you all have been so supportive and tolerant.  Most of the bugs have been worked out, and it looks like we will definitely hit our Valentines Day Grand Opening. 

I want to encourage you to keep inviting your friends and sharing the site with people you care about.  Every single visit, every page view gives me tremendously valuable information about how the site is being used, what people like and want more of, and what isn’t really interesting people.  One funny thing that has surprised me is how many people are reading my little weekly greetings!  So I’ll be working on enhancing them as we continue to progress.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for the emails of encouragement.  Every time I get one it just makes me soar to the top of the world!  You folks say the nicest things, I just blush and blush…  So please don’t hesitate to send feedback and comments directly to me.  A little secret I’ll share:  I print out your emails and carry them around with me on my clipboard.  Sometimes I get tired, occasionally even down hearted, and I just reread one of your amazing emails and it snaps me right out of it.

So thank you so much for those kindnesses…  You all are my inspiration!

Love and warmest regards,


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