11-19 Greeting from Daniel

By Daniel • November 19th, 2007

Greetings from Daniel: 11.19.07


What an amazing week!  You guys are blowing my mind with the support you’re giving the project.  Last week, we had our biggest day yet with 175 views in just one day! 

What, 175?  That isn’t that many…  Oh yes it is!  You see, we still haven’t entered the friends and family phase yet.  I’ve only told less then 20 people about the site.  So if we got 175 in one day, that means everyone is telling their friends, emailing invitations, etc.  Sharing the site with friends is about the biggest vote of support you could give the project!  So I want to thank you all so much!  I also want to say, “Keep it Up!” Every time I check the charts and see that you guys are emailing the site to friends, showing it to people, frequenting it, it just pumps me and Molly up like you wouldn’t believe. 

So, this week, as promised last week, I am releasing the Healing the Soul series, 5 new articles that will absolutely blow your mind.  It is far and away the most intense stuff at the site so far.  So start leaving some comments would ya!  Or somebody email me and tell me the comments thingy is broken cause so far we have 6000 page views and zero comments…  Don’t be so shy please!

New this Week:

First: Weekly video viewer update - the weekly videos the viewer has been further debugged, streamlined, cleaner and more reliable.

Second: The New Archive Editions Function.  From now on you will be able to view the past weekly editions using our week by week archives.  This new archive stores the whole front page of each edition so you can now surf through back issues!

Third: 7 new posts this week!  There are five new articles in the Quick Start 7 series on Healing the Soul, my post, the Developer’s Corner post.

Thanks again for all the support, I’ll look forward to your comments throughout the week!


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