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Cat Gives Dog a Massage

This Week’s Video:
Cat Gives Puppy a Massage

“Look how cute, that cat is kneading that dog like it’s going to nurse from it.”  But, watch closely, watch what the cat actually does…  If we are injured, we immediately hold our hands over an injured […]


self esteem

QS7 7.4 - A Practical Look at the Illnesses of the Soul»

The Two Illnesses of the Human Soul: (part 5)
“A Practical Example of the Illnesses of the Soul” 
Shortcut the Healing Process:
Many readers are seeking a pill that makes it all better.   Others still are looking for a quick fix that will make them rich, beautiful, in love, healthy, and happy.  This section is difficult […]

Laws of Attraction

QS7 8.3 - The Law of Attraction and Soul Healing»

The Quick Start 7 Summary:
“The Law of Attraction and Soul Healing” 
Tool Number 6 - The Law of Attraction

The sixth tool is the law behind the principles, the Law of Attraction.  We often paraphrase this law and say, “Like Attracts Like”.    The Law of Attraction governs everything in the Universe and explicitly says, “likes […]

Greetings from your Host

11-26 Greeting from Daniel»

Greetings from Daniel: 11.26.07

Did you see that cat giving that dog a massage?
I love this week’s video!  That little kitten giving that dog a massage just melts my heart every time I watch it!  I want to thank Cosmos for the musical contribution.  In all the videos, and podcasts, Cosmos provided the intro and outro […]

Developer’s Corner

Coming Next Week 12-03-07»

Developer’s Corner for the week Nov. 26-Dec. 3
The many faces of support.  Funny things have been happening since I launched Full Spirit.  The Universe has been showing me over and over just how true and powerful the Principles in these lessons are.
One principle we’ll be talking about is the concept of “Persistence.”  Sometimes, you just […]