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Inspiring Christmas Lights

It’s a tradition that people put their Christmas lights up on their houses Thansgiving weekend. So this week, to get you inspired to do your best, we’re going to take a look at one of the all time greats. Note: the music you hear during the video is playing on speakers outside the house!


self esteem

QS7 7.3 - Understanding the Illnesses of the Soul»

There are just two afflictions capable of assailing the human soul. It is from these two afflictions that all of our troubles and problems arise on every level of our lives…

Laws of Attraction

QS7 6.2 - Practical Examples of the Laws of Attraction»

… the whole energy field aligns and amplifies… are not aligned the lines of force bend away and diminish one another… pretty clear and straightforward, but a human isn’t flat…

Greetings from your Host

11-19 Greeting from Daniel»

updated: 11.19.07 - What an amazing week! You guys are blowing my mind with all the support…releasing the Healing the Soul series…

Developer’s Corner

Coming Next Week 11-26-07»

Updated: 11.19.07 - This week I’m preparing the downloadable audio and printable versions of the Quick Start Seven with…